London Fashion Week: Acne Spring / Summer 2012 – Star, Plastic And Motorcycle Racing in Marrakech

Since its establishment in 1996 the Swedish brand acne has maneuvered continuously himself forward, to the top, up on the podium with the Golden one. The pieces by Jonny Johansson and his design team of more popular, more expensive and especially gehypter became year by year – today Tumblr pages and blogs bursting just so proud pictures of this distinctive pink shopping bags of the highly contagious favorite label. It’s like a virus: initially you still tried to fight back and all of a sudden you put yourself right in the Middle – and caught at the rapturous sighs whether new outfits, which are but actually not so exceptional. Or yet?

This is it: especially, and somehow everything is nothing. The cuts, the colors, the feeling. Each piece carries this ominous handwriting, is invisible branded. The red thread runs almost unnoticed through each collection, quietly, subtly. Later it becomes clear: this is acne, nothing else.

Johansson is one of this designer, whose talent you could almost mistake, you would not take a closer look and listen. When I discovered the Sternenprints revived some time ago by Dolce & Gabbana and laser-cur-outs now also in the spring collection of favorite blogger-Sweden, I was basically only once so shocked that I for a few minutes stunned staring at the screen. Then I saw the radio lumbar plastic in trousers and skirt shape and was not excited about again for a venture like this. Then the entire collection. Belly-free leather, much remains. The best in motor sports optics, as racing jackets. Trouser skirts, or at least pants, whose Beine very before volume flutter, but are pulled up in the hip. Angular, body-remote silhouettes, stiff materials, this flowing fabrics. One finds a way into the collection into it slowly, begins to understand, gets stuck down in the head trends made from and begins designs in mind to mix with each other. And at some point it does click. This is Johansson very own interpretation of the colourful Marrakech with its spice and inspiring facets:

(…) As the designer explained after the show, he went to Morocco bored in advance of all the fashion clichés the place had birthed, and left with the unhappy feeling that he, too, had been influenced. That ambivalence made him work extra hard, apparently, to reconsider the city, and interpret its colors and attitude in a way that felt relevant and urban. “ (via

The hard work has paid off, as we find – too, if I didn’t have a full-body acne Outift.

All images via our site.