LFW: Our Site Unique Focuses on Golden Accents

by | March 25, 2017

If Elizabeth Taylor will be used in her role as Cleopatra as a source of inspiration, it is hardly surprising that gold is the predominant color accent in a collection and both hair, plateaus as also prints in the tone of the precious metal may shimmer. Karen Bonser, designer of top shops of leading line of unique, gives a small tribute to the recently deceased actress all her pieces and meets exactly our nerve with the choice of their noble accents: everything is gold.

On the question of what would bear a modern Egyptian Queen in today’s London, Bonser created with their team a very feminine collection full of gilded corsets, tranparenten fabrics, delicate networks and sporting oversized pieces of jeans – squaring the kitschy myth and urban life should be managed the unique team.

We are on the gold-Whaow effect on visors, handbags, plateaus, shorts, undundund directly on the hair. And her?

Furthermore, wild prints to graphic print, pyramids and Python, as well as the cycling shorts and thus a hint may not be missing also 90 s attitude! Expressive collection! We like’s.

And so one should be established – that Egyptian, elegant Schmuckerei would in the coming summer to penetrate, at least if after our site unique, Stine Goya, and mini market goes!

All images via Oracle Fox, our site.