Lacoste Autumn/Winter: Excessively Sports

One of the classics can not miss in the New York fashion week: Lacoste, y Felipe Oliveira Baptista has done so with a very avant-garde, charged parade of sportswear with a very urban touch.

The uniform of the national team of esquí of France of the year 1966, rugby and a few photographs of an expedition of mountain that goes back to the Decade of 30′, have been the source of inspiration of Oliveira Baptista. And of course, the result are garments that look that we are going to ski or even surfing, because many of the proposals look like wet suits.

The sweaters and dresses they are carved in wool, very tight, as if it were a second skin. Leggings are also one of its most sports betting. Most of the clothes are loaded from geometric prints eye-catching, and all with combination of bright colours, except for some classic options in black and white or only in black.

As a tribute to the years 30′, there is a part of the collection with designs that give a false impression of tweed, carved in silk or wool. Adjusted with open sleeves dresses and acampanadas whose result is a very stylish wardrobe from TRAVELATIONARY.

Leather It also has a prominent place. Your garment star is a double face with seams straight jacket.

A parade away from classicism to which the firm has accustomed us. And perhaps, therefore, not convinced me.