Laagam Was Born in Spain to Vindicate The Importance of Having a Basic Bodice, with Roll and Quality in Our Closet

by | June 7, 2017

I’m not the only one who thinks that have a basic quality but very stylish blouse in the dressing room is essential. Closet funds are being lost to the tsunami of fast fashion, but the truth is that there is no good look without quality that matches those somewhat cheaper clothes and parts very trend. Laagam is born in our country, with a country manufacturing, to assert the importance of the blouses, those who conquer embroidered skirt of the time or that Crown style Pajama pants.

As almost all the brands that are now born, his image is immutable both web and social networks, the main method of advertising and marketing since one of its creators is the influencer Ines Brook. Nowadays you can find two Poplin shirts in blue and white with a detail of strip lingerie on the shoulders and a trendy oversize workmanship. They also offer two blouses, one white and one black, this time with a much more fluid fabric and details that make it special, strips in cuffs or necklines of heart attack. Basic garments with a touch of style that it makes them perfect for daily looks but also for more important and special events.