Kirsten Dunst and Masha Novoselova The Protagonists of The New Issue of The Magazine V

by | July 4, 2017

The V magazine It seeks to position itself well in the difficult publishing market of Spain where consumption is seated in the big names always and has online his arch rival right now. With those changes, V relies on a classic that raises any bad time: Kirsten Dunst.

The beautiful actress is the new star of the next issue of the magazine coming out with double cover April 8 in all Spain, already famous Vee in maxi size, occupying all the cover and with Dunst as I saw it in the International Edition.

The interior is what changes, with publishing that raises the temperature.

It stars Masha Novoselova, It perches so daring to the objective of the famous photographer Txema Yeste, all a regular press of this country, particularly the fashion world. The model is portrayed in a wild way, keeping the style of last season with the animal print as strong.

For to those who like this trend will find themselves at home since there are complete monkeys that can give us the feeling that it is our own skin which has been replaced by the of a Leopard. Andres Sarda It is responsible for this design. On the other hand, impossible shoes of Alexander McQueen again be the piece to look but not touch.

And to generate controversy, one of the images is this suggestive nude only broken by the Sandals of John Galliano. Re-opens the debate: fashion or pornography? The photo seems to me very beautiful but I admit the argument of need there are show an as complete as this naked talking about fashion and trends.

Do you think you?