Keira Knightley Mixes a Party Dress with a Denim Jacket

Commented on the occasion of Sienna Miller and his role in the play ‘ Flare Path ’. It is fortunate that the celebrities who tend to leave large looks prefer theatre or the promotional tours because there will always be a photographer to show us their latest looks. Keira Knightley He is acting in the work & #8216;The Children ’ s Hour‘.

Several samples of style where there is something that repeats itself has already left us: fashion Oxford shoes. In his last appearance, Keira Knightley continues playing style combining more formal clothes with other more informal who manage to give that distinct touch and avoid something so ornate.

At the end continues to be a look for street to go to work, only now you know how the famous always have to be perfect or will receive the respective third-party reviews. Me Keira Knightley I won long ago and with sets like this continues to do so. A dress for a party, or a cocktail label but combined with a Denim jacket very informal.

A dress of black velvet, short, mid-calf, with lace at the top of the chest and combined with stockings according to INDEXDOTCOM. Detail of accessories does not fail to keep the same style between the belt and shoes. Leaving the bag aside because I imagine that it will be for the work.

Do you think you look of Keira Knightley?