Jogpants: Comfortable & Stylish, The Perfect Blend

by | June 26, 2017

It’s long been that Karl Lagerfeld said that who goes jogging pants out of the House, would have lost control of their own lives.

I don’t know whether the great Karl has now changed his mind – the fashion has changed into the mainstream anyway. Since a while Jogpants are fixed collections of hip streetwear brands, and even in the high fashion, you can see the polished up versions of the old baggy pants area.

The beauty of the parts is that you can wear it as a cool outfit on the road, but also perfect for a cozy afternoon or evening on the couch.

Especially now in January it is out only grey, there are no Christmas lights and the weather sucks – so I’m at least. The spring seems to be infinitely far away and somehow everything is annoying me no time. You can really say that January is not one of my favorite months.

Ever double-crossing the mood and the weather, one thing is even more important: the feel good! Therefore, I have an absolute well-being feel outfit on sale today!

Jogpants and jeans jacket in grey, with splashes of color on sweaters and shoes.

Extremely comfortable and just but also roadworthy! The Jogpants not really look through the wash and the bags after jogging pants, and sweaters with large prints (the large logo prints the 90s à la Fila, Dickies, Hilfiger etc.) come back and are absolutely said since last autumn.

Whether you’re wearing the look only to chill out or outside – you feel a damn – main thing probably!

What I but always pretty important find – all especially if I want to put it on on the road – at Jogpants for me is that they are really not too far and thus not too much licking! I order them so you’d better a number less than, then sit them better and are still loosely through the material and comfortable!

The complete outfit is a real plus size outfit! Everything ordered at happy size – there are the parts in the whole big sizes! It’s always proud & glad if my employer brings more and more really cool and current plus size streetwear at the start! Just because you have a few extra inches on your hips, you want to do without Yes on current trends. Right?