Jeans Are The Best Choice for Dressing The 365 Days of The Year. and These Looks The Show

by | June 21, 2017

Try to imagine a world No jeans. Accurate, our mind is not able to assimilate it and just wondered what would we do? How do we vestirĂ­amos our every day? Obviously there are many options: skirts, dresses, pants clips… But there is nothing as effective as the Cowboys. Married with all the clothes, adapt to all styles and are able to transform our look According to how you bring them. and These images Thus they evidenced.

Touch sport

There is nothing more enjoyable than a Sunday relaxed with Vermouth on any terrace. Our minds are so carefree and disconnected that you need just a pair of worn jeans and a sweatshirt to be perfect. Who needs more?

High collar and heel.

With the arrival of fall and the time of transition, jeans, long live your best time. Combined with a tight body of long sleeve and high neck, along with high heels we will get a result of summa cum laude. Simplicity means success.

Campaigns… On the sleeves

They say that pants campaign every year back, but the truth is that these also are in the sleeves of our shirts. Basic colors as black will highlight our vintage jeans.

The body of the crime

For those days when the body asks March (and dares to everything), combines your pants boyfriend with a body set, draping and asymmetrical style. The opusto poles attract each other, and these two pieces of disparate styles is married to the first.

Shirt (and loop)

This type of pants you can accompany the firm if you combine it correctly. And a blouse with neck loop seems to be the answer to all your questions.