In The Seventh Heaven with Arizona Muse (And Vogue Australia)

When I speak of the autumn comes to my mind images with low color, where the predominant outfits are in Brown, Beige and caramel to set with trees that are left bare. But in Australia the fall has nothing to do with my perception.

If the other day I had the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Aussie with Alexa Chung to the front as if we were welcoming a very romantic spring, today is the turn of Vogue with its cover which corresponds to the month of October 2011. The protagonist? Arizona Muse, and this time it seems that us ‘ attends ’ in seventh heaven.

With a White minidress with details in black (very simple and chic) and sky blue background, the model is divine. And the doorway to my love. I do not know if you share the same thought as me, but each time I am a fan of Australian publications. Simplicity is a feature that all them exploit it, and I like that & #8230;

Do you think the? final result?