How to Choose Its Sheathing Lingerie

by | September 23, 2016

The sheathing lingerie is no longer taboo, on the contrary, it is topical and even became an ally of all women. It comes in different shapes, materials and colors, it can be basic or female, also visiting beautiful underwear as outerwear.

The sheath is an indispensable tool for your wardrobe ladies, then finished the sheathing lingerie grandmother hurts, delivers you all the tips and tricks to choose the good.

The size of a sheathing lingerie can be expressed either in clothing size (ie from 36 to 62 for example) or as size lingerie for most low especially sheathing (from 60 to 145 for example).The size of your gainante lingerie is very important because it guaranteed the sheathing effect of your lingerie. Too much sheath do not tighten enough to sculpt your curves while too little underwear sheathing will reveal boundaries at the seams.

Just like your bra, it is important to know the size of duct or panty. To do this, simply take your measurements: Place the tape so deep in size, making sure not to tighten. Then, refer to the table below:

Cut Basin in cm Waist cm
36 88/92 61/65
38 92/96 65/69
40 96/100 69/73
42 100/104 73/77
44 104/108 77/81
46 108/112 81/85
48 112/116 85/89
50 116/120 89/93
52 120/124 93/97


The choice of material for your product sheathing is paramount: comfort, flexibility, strength, self-regulating body temperatures, you have the efficiency of a sheath material properties.

  • Polyester, polyamide, lycra and spandex

These materials are most often used for sheathing products such as sports bra featured on Carswers. They bring together the qualities of softness and elasticity, while ensuring unparalleled comfort. Ultra-resistant, these materials are resistant to friction and wear. Polyester, polyamide and elastane guarantee you optimum protection against the cold. Maintenance is easy as long to perform washing with warm water.

  • The cotton

Cotton is recognized in lingerie for its hygienic qualities and easy maintenance. This material is recommended for women prone to skin irritations. Question warmth and tactel act as thermal insulators real, avoiding perspiration and odor. Cotton is a material widely acclaimed by women in lingerie for his soft touch and easy maintenance.

  • Tencel

Material “green”, tencel (or lyocell) consists of vegetable origin and biodegradable fibers. The fibers lack of scalability but nevertheless with some flexibility and good resistance. Tencel does not protect you from the cold but you optimum comfort. Adopt especially in the summer for a dream figure in your little dresses adjusted.

Note that for any type of material, a hand wash and low temperature is highly advisable to keep your bottom as long as possible!


  • Attention unne quality lingerie endures through time, it is imperative to ensure that it does not dumpy. Most poor boulottent ducts in the abdomen and waist, so you must check the presence of a rubber band that will keep the sheath against your skin. Ditto if it’s a panty, no dumpy should be present at the thighs or knees (depending on the length of it).
  • A panty poor you can mark the thigh, revealing a visible mark under clothing. We must make sure that the seams are soft so as not to appear unsightly demarcations.
  • The characteristic of a good product is sheathing his total invisibility!
  • The crotch should be cotton, to avoid allergy and irritation.
  • Its fabric must consist of at least 85% polyamide, plastic, soft (which allows your garment to slide above) and solid and 15% elastane allowing the sheath to marry your body shape perfectly.

Beware of Ideas!

  • The following sculpting to thinning agents do not have an indefinite life. Most often, these products have caffeine which diffuse throughout the day. This is called slimming pants, which are generally effective up to 100 washes. Once depleted agents, the shapewear can be stored in the drawer but is transformed into product galba.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the sheath can be worn both in winter and summer. In fact, panties are made of very light material so allowing to be worn during the warmer months of the year. Thus, it is possible to wear body-shaping pieces in all circumstances!
  • Do not forget that the sheath visually slims the silhouette, it does not make you lose 10kg … She “gum” small imperfections of the silhouette and your too sharp curves without making you lose 3 sizes. Yes, medames, nothing beats a good workout!
  • The sheath is not only designed for curvy women, it can fit all silhouettes! Wear it under a tight dress, underwear gainante sculpt your figure and sublimate your curves. So  do not wait more and succumb to this fabulous accessory to enhance your line!