Help! I Am Paralyzed (After Seeing The Cover of W November with Nicki Minaj)

Total paralysis of the mind, of thought, of decision-making. I don’t know if I love or frightens me someone help me? Do you say exaggeration? I love that W take the number to art and fashion. I love the abstract, painterly, surreal concept of the cover. But would that look? that eye that hangs on your eye? Lovers of surrealism, Dali and their occurrences, the bizarre and irreverent would you help me? Are you a genius or a brilliant strangeness cover?

The author of this work of art has been the artist Francesco Vezzoli Super Bass singer who has transformed into a 17TH-century courtesan.

The own Quarry has been explained by saying that
My main interest has been to link the historical approach of art depicting women with contemporary icons of the current media age.
Ahhhhhhh, then OK.

We then risk or chose something more recatadito, less creative, more commercial? V or W?

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