Goodbye Bouquets of Roses! Now What Mola Is Embroidered Roses Gift You in Any Clothing Cool

by | June 20, 2017

The eternal romantic and the walk must begin to worry, the classic bouquets of roses in love passed to better life in centers of luxury hotels. Do the girls of today so much illusion receive nature, they prefer perfectly wrapped with very cool clothes boxes and rose is the last of the last despite being in autumn.

The fever of embroidered flowers already coexists with us a few months ago and the truth is that it seems that it won’t end here in a few seasons. I particularly embroidered garments like me even though I think that there is too much saturation and refer to those that are really special and very original. It is well embroidered blue and white shirts with thousand flowers and leaves, and are not.

The Song sisters (aka Aimee Song and her sister) have released a t-shirt with two roses embroidered on the breasts, a trend that is also very popular and that, however, is bringing enough tail on social networks. But this trend is the real boss Gucci and all your clothes embroidered with different materials, when they do it is trend but in a few days it becomes commonplace because the clones grow like mushrooms. Do you think this trend?