Five Tips to Be Happy in the Clothing Liquidations

by | August 11, 2017

The settlement of exchange of season seem to come earlier and earlier, isn’t it? After all, the desire for the news of the season follows on very high and these are starting to win the most egoistic mistakes company red letters calling for discounts that promise to be overwhelming. Good time to buy? Yes and no. Yes if the purchase is carried out calmly and consciousness. Not if we acquired a lot of parts that will only do volume in the closet without causing even a remnant of style in everyday life and how to hit in this time of purer “Credicard anxiety”? Well. We give a little help with the five steps to make good buy promotions.

Necessity and power: do three essential questions before any purchase: can I? I really want? I need? In short: avoid impulse. It’s not because something is cheap to purchase. Usually it’s the other way around, since impulse buying is one of the protagonists of the cramped closet and the lack of style – not to mention credit card in red. Oh! Let’s make a caveat here: have peace of mind to pay the product is essential to avoid any stress and that tristezinha that arises after the boost from the store. If you are short on cash at the moment, leave it for next season. Best rescue what’s in the closet and sleep quiet, huh?! If the credit is not a problem, move on to the second topic of our list to see if the purchase is really valid.

Essential or expendable: the next step is to know how much that piece will be important for your fashion life. She dresses well, your body has to do with your style, combines with the other clothes you have at home? Start proving the piece, note whether the seams are perfect, if the buttons are in place, if she circumvents well your body, i.e. without scoring or left anywhere, if the fabric has good trim or set any part of your body that you prefer to disguise. If it does not meet all these predicates, forget about play. If she was good in this test, think what your clothes you can combine the piece, including accessories. The more she is versatile or more you consider it paramount, more it’s worth.

Timeless: the settlements are the perfect time to purchase that piece, that will make beautiful today and for a long time in your closet. And what are they? A white shirt, a black jacket, black trousers of tailoring, a pencil skirt, a leather biker jacket, a black dress, a denim jacket, a pair of jeans, a black jumpsuit are good beginnings for a timeless wardrobe. Only warning: here, again, it should be noted, cutting raw material, the finish, the silhouette. The fewer details, best, after all, we must avoid everything that can date this piece, which promises to last for many seasons. So bet on discrete buttons, zippers, borders and lockstitch neutral. Also prefer to always cut dry anyway, that outline the silhouette without scoring, and the more traditional models, especially as regards the jeans (jacket and trousers). Opt for noble fabrics or natural, such as linen, silk, cotton, wool crepe, cold-they resist time keeping the sophistication. And prefer shopping in loco in order to become, literally, the play inside out, looking at seams and lining. If buying online, choose brands recognized by quality to minimize risks of acquiring a regular part, which bad sight and with little durability. The closet essential, basic pieces that never go out of fashion and are always a good investment

long Trends: increasingly, trends are becoming less ephemeral. Sounds like a contradiction to think of the word itself (trend) and also because we’re talking about an industry that needs new to walk forward, right right?! Yes and no. Many bets are considered too bold in a station and end up becoming more usual in the following season. Others are part of a concept that will be worked by the designers in the next collection. This is the time to buy some of these bets. What are they now? Ready, we can point out the aquarelados tones, with emphasis on the soft roses, as an excellent purchase. The bomber jackets keep the strength – Yes, they follow firmly in winter. The pieces with fun appeal, applications and phrases which refer to visual effects of letters years 1980 and 1990 are also great for providing a fun touch to the closet-invest in t-shirts and accessories with this layout. The lightweight shirts and patterned soft romantic essence, with lace collar, become good partners of heavy coats and biker jackets. Lingerie-style parts such as dresses or Bras over shirts, are others that deserve attention in the settlements. And will do great in cold weather the shirts of tailoring, the metallic and models that promote a link between sport and chic. You bet!

Loucurinhas: well, our list was nice until you reach this last item, the insanities that makes us happy. Here we can include that piece strange, weird, too-fashionista that you might never buy at full value, but it’s worth the purchase before a spectacular bargain. You know that fur coat nude and that cost more than 1000 and now goes for 100-something? The gum color pants, lime green shoe, the cropped iridescent, anyway, the part in which you are passionate and that’s now inexplicably with a rebate of truth will weigh on your budget. Purchase! This is the time! Choose one from this list, see?! And shake it off. If you do not use and destroy as imagined, she can be a star charity thrift store-and it will be a learning experience for next season.