Five Christmas Gifts for under Femhundralappen

It is dripping towards Christmas-next weekend is this.And to those of you who do not yet feel done with Christmas shopping, here’s some inspiration. So are you a girl and here and sneak read, guy with male acquaintances or fancy a Christmas gift to yourself: here comes the Manolos five Christmas tips for us men.

Bag, H & M
In its “Gift of the day” campaign will H & M during december like an advent calendar every day presenting a few garments that given a little special care. These are sold in selected stores, scattered across the country according to healthvv.

In the days presented a us men grabbing product in the campaign: a leather bag. For 498 kronor becomes yours and even if you will not be alone on the streets this winter, you can at least boast that you look better than most. Pictures of the bag in action, you will find here.
Price: 498 SEK.

Bow tie
We have hajpat it – all have hajpat it. The fly, that is. Still, it is not in the vicinity of overexposure and lasts all spring out and beyond. It requires, first and foremost, of course, courage to push up a fly in skjortkragen, as well as insight and a little sensitivity in terms of resolution and holistic thinking.

Once you come to the conclusion that the fly adds outfit that extra, final dimension to the just acquired. Where to turn? Manolo tips here again if the second hand-clasp around the country. In Stockholm, Helen Mr a whole box of flies and stuff that flies but that doesn’t look like it. You can really get caught up with your finger in the pie as well and buy out completely. Luckily they are only slightly above dog ring in the price range.

And when sweet course is purchased, go directly to Manolos bow tie-school, which therefore also includes tying flies.
Price: around 100 dollars and up.

Socks, Falke
To add the finishing touches to an outfit that often requires looking at the details. And then you look too rarely all at the bottom. And no, now we do not mean the shoes. We understand that you have understood that tube socks from the nearest Sports store chain is at odds with an attempt to give the impression of being a man with an eye. But there must always be black on your feet for it? No, we think of Manolo, and would strike a blow for colorful creations from German Falke. Orange and the trend colour purple and orange feels most exciting, but there are all the colors of the Rainbow and then some.

Price: 95-165 dollars on that, 30-60 euros at

Book, Sneakers-The Complete Collector’s Guide
A must for all streetwear fans is this book, get the collector, enthusiast and admirer of sneakers to go running. With five hundred pictures and as many photo illustrations, story of 14 of the largest sneakermärkena and guides for everything from how to build up the collection to where in the world, and on the Web, you’ll find the best selection of shoes, we can not think of anything missing. And scroll forward in the book.

Price: $20.67 at, 299 dollars on Caliroots.

Book, Household Handbook for men – “one small step for a man, one giant leap for the women of the world”
Unfortunately, we are not good at all, even though we may sometimes try to give the impression that. To be able to do it with dignity in the future required help. You need to be well prepared, simply. Therefore, add the above book on the nightstand next to the bed and read a spread at a time, carefully. This is a book full of information – everywhere. For better or worse. Much to read, sure, but sometimes a little hard to take in, so is probably a moderate dose at each read point necessary to keep up with the turns.

Learn everything from stain removal to deletion and how a microwave oven works.

Notably, the book sold 150 000 copies in the country of England, and in the same series of books have also been published Vehicle Handbook for girls. So there is something for us men to counter with, that is.