Fashion Spring-Summer 2014-2015: Slip-On Shoes, Comfort And Style

by | June 15, 2017

Fashion spring-summer 2014-2015 is quite varied.

Fashion Spring-Summer 2014-2015 Slip-On Shoes, Comfort And Style

Shoes low heel, discrete colors when printed from classical to modern, floral, the range of options is fairly democratic.

The good news for the feet is that there is a lot of openness to the comfort and casual.

Love SHOES already showed the sandal birken.

And, now, the slip-on sneakers (or slip-on sneaker) comes with everything! Sneaker time! It’s that kind of footwear that combines urban elements, sporty and casual very well. No wonder this shoe comes from the “skateboard culture”. The Vans brand surely is one of the best-known representatives of this style in the world.

Another interesting aspect is that it can be used by men and by women. And, excellent at any time of year. There’s no need to be afraid of “shoe fad”, that the trend going on and we want to disappear with the footwear.

For some time, there has been an inclination for low shoe fashionable. As for the launches of high heels, shoes low gain scenario. This points to a need of the market. Specifically for women, wear heels is beautiful. But, use a comfortable shoe is incomparably more relaxing.

And, Let’s admit that there are many women who hate jump. And, contrary to what many think, can build an attractive look with sneakers. The slip-on is the “flat” style. And, for many, this model of sneakers is part of the lifestyle.

Is the type of shoe easy to combine, that goes with almost everything. Most pants are ankle adjusted more enjoyable in a look with sneakers slip-on. Skirts, dresses, Bermuda … The possibilities are varied and democratic.

Apparently, these are couples who will invade the streets of cities in the hottest season of the year! This will be the year of tennis. And you? Do you like? Comment!