Elin Kling Opened Their Online Store: Nowhere

All images via Elin Kling.

If we are ever in Sweden, it must go too of course to the Scandinavian country: and because there is hardly a different topic under the Swedish fellow bloggers, we are allowed not denied of course the news of the day: Elin Kling opened their online store „ nowhere „. That may throw sure not very many people from the stool in Germany, in Sweden, but the good news is the Bamidele star at all and are here all double cocked on the creations of the successful blogger. Model figure, blond, flowing hair and the right idea for the Modebiz – what this country tackle Elin Kling, turns to gold.

To only two projects to name a few: first she designed a mini collection for H & M, which unfortunately only here has been sold in Sweden, and most recently, she worked on the styling for the successful brand “Tibi“ with the York Fashion Week new recently at the new presented. Now it aims to create her own label in the fashion Olympus so and extremely successful, we find their first collection.

We already have thrown a first look at the pieces and can only recommend you the one or the other piece. The Lady remained true to himself and cast long silhouettes on the body you and engages again once preferred the black/gray color box. Elegance meets casual FITT and so her today since 10: 00 can check out cheerfully on the online store over and maybe, yes the one or the other outfit in the nowhere store do you like. She herself describes her collection as „ contemporary high fashion at reasonable prices. If the quality is right, we have no objection: what do you think?