E-mail GHG, a Successful Comeback

by | August 21, 2016

Marking the return of the easy fran claw within the ar not fashion, the wire run GHG d has no u. It is true that between high-tech bias and efficiency concertante d, Arnaud Vaillant and S bastien Meyer have s product by their display fra and their creativity perfectly my e tris…

We knew them s dou, got them covered d bold and visionary. For their first d wire at filter GHG, the founders of the Coperni claw have indeed d permit the catwalks traditional for the benefit of the scene of the Opera Bastille and open the new s by a speech of presentation – the way to a Steve Jobs – giving strong desire to discover their vision of the iconic brand of the ann are 60.

S focused on the pi these strong claw e restarted in 2012 by Jacques Bungert and Fr d ric Torloting, two young men rent digital images of EPS mix these (via a huge notch o these last were project in 3D) and d minimalist thread with the appearance of a presentation in the showroom. The result was striking: it lives in the product. A product using the codes run GHG (vinyl, a-line, microscopic length, Futurism) and sophistiquant is in contact with the leg Coperni (d unusual cuts, surprising boutonnages, graphic details).

Composed of 15 mod in diff blink d res mati annuities, the spring collection / t 2016 also illustrates the notion of efficiency e clear Marvel, between miniskirts wearing d rounded cuts, bomber revisit, shirt liquid in suede and micro dress line has low vinyl size.

It is true here, no magic, no styling (models wore each pi this with a white body), no outrageous make-up holding distance from reality: it is indeed matter almost raw, the clothing the pure state it gives us. And that’s good. More than this is r v d desirable, portable and incisive.

Assur lying, buyers will not need to go to the showroom to their s selection, or clients to wait for the catalog to consider their purchases, both the creative duo is able offer a vision sharp and pragmatic in his creations. If it had been possible to order the end of the wire the pi d these views on the podium, there is no doubt that sales would have been very many… However, is it not today the ultimate goal of a fashion brand to get a quick sir d?

It seems Arnaud Vaillant and S bastien Meyer are on track to make E-mail GHG new a House that counts. Confirmation next season…