Do You Know The Latest Trend of The Moment? Jackets Type Tamer, All Are One!

If you are someone that wants to follow the trends inside out or you are looking for a garment that wrap your day to day, you are interested in this post. Since a few weeks ago we realized that there are a type of jacket that stands out above the others, the of type circus Tamer. But far from seem too much, the street stylers provide us with current and fresh ideas to combine them without that we wear as if it were a Halloween costume. Do we take note of how to do so?

Gigi by Tommy Hilfiger

Gigi Hadid presented own along with the US firm Tommy Hilfiger collection where a version of this style is in navy blue and white details. Was she herself who wore it in the own parade and fell in love to the present there.

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Coming soon

While many designers have already signed up for this [(Roberto Cavalli o Burberry son un claro ejemplo) fashion, there are companies that take this trend and adapt it for the coming season.] SACAI has thus done and in your collection Spring-summer 2017 a white oversize version is.

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Seen on the street

For tastes the colors, and here is an example of this. There is a trend that is present at all times: jacket dark color (black or navy) and details in gold or red to highlight. That Yes, each one of them wears this garment in their own way and shows us the versatility that can be.

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17 Oct 2016 (s) 5:06 PDT

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The most original versions

Notes and get one

  • Red and velvet of Zara, 69.95 EUR.
  • With Golden details of Zara, 69.95 EUR.
  • Navy blue color with details blank Gigi Hadid by Tommy Hilfiger, 299,95 EUR.
  • Navy Blue Velvet of Roberto Cavalli, 1.990 EUR.
  • With the Golden edges of Mango, 79.99 euros.