Dell Will Launch Computer-Style Surface Studio with Tablet

by | August 8, 2017

During the Adobe MAX conference in San Diego yesterday, Dell showed the teaser of an all-in-one computer (with the components embedded to the monitor) similar to the Microsoft Surface Studio. Just like the Microsoft device, the Dell computer will have a large high-resolution monitor and a different interaction mechanism than the traditional mouse and keyboard set.

The device, according to Dell, has been developing since 2014. However, it should be revealed only during the CES 2017. This information was compartilhads by Dell through Twitter, as can be seen below:

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In the tweet, the company included a link that directs to a post dated November 2014 on its official blog. The post proves that, in fact, the company has been working on this appliance for two years, and it also contains a video showing how it should work. The video can be seen below:

As it can be seen above, the computer has two separate screens. One is the monitor, and the other is a kind of tablet that stays in the place normally occupied by the mouse and keyboard set. This tablet can take the functions of the two, being touch-sensitive and allowing the user to interact with the monitor by using their hands.

Furthermore, another similarity between the device shown by Dell and Surface Studio is the “Dial”, a round object that can be used on the tablet to interact with it. This input device is similar to the Surface Dial, which operates identically.


According to the Verge, Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s Windows director, had stated that the company intended to let other manufacturers utilize Surface Studio’s technology to develop their own products. This strategy would be similar to that the company adopted for virtual reality and mixed reality devices.

For now, Dell has not yet revealed more information about its all-in-one. It is probable, however, that both the settings and the price of it are similar to those of Surface Studio (which will cost US $3000). More information should be shown during CES 2017.