COS Fall/Winter 2011 Campaign: Purist, Minimalist Looks Rather Than Cuddly Well-Being

by | March 19, 2017

Campaigns pictures of our H & M favourite, COS, circulating already since a few days on the net, so far but somehow left us cold. We were a few months over the puristic look, which bribed by their minimalist designs, boyishly invariably impressed silhouettes with their box shapes and clear A and O, which looks now somehow quite different. Because it was indeed in the summer. Cuddly fabrics, soft materials and comfortable cuts are what we today long however, – just a good amount of feel good songs. The campaign photos please, no question, but who has been desire in felt to gingerly look icy temperatures, if we like hide us but prefer under the ceiling and on the couch after the seat of the neat-looking pieces?

Although properly warm textiles draw us like neoprene and stiff materials, chubby pleasant looks but different. A look could change my mind there too little in the boutique, although the one or the other piece is certainly very pretty auschaute. Came to purchase’s still not, because the prices had a rather chilling effect. Am I mistaken, or COS has made a very nice jump, and neatly dressed prices? These days isn’t that bad, because not 100 percent convinced the Lookbook and campaign. Too bad actually, I could count on COS so well. Currently, you meet a different flavor. Perhaps your?

Stays while true to the Swede with the collection and still swears by his simple line, that Sobers us but just simply too. If it should be even cleaner and fancier, we rely quite collection 2011 on the one or the other piece of the autumn/winter, but then the sense unfortunately not at the moment is us. For the temperature drop was then still to unprepared.