Clavin Klein Sportwear 2016

by | June 6, 2016

Minimal, easy and comfy: these are the characteristics of 2016 signed Calvin Klein sportswear collection.

When the couture opens its doors to the sport then the sporty clothing becomes luxury and couture.

Today more than ever, many fashion brands have turned their gaze to the sports world, creating casual mood collections, comfy and, at the same time, very glamorous.

A mark between them is Calvin Klein, for the summer 2016, presented the new sports line characterized by technical clothing, minimal lines and contemporary design.

A dynamic and young capsule collection, which incorporates elements from streetwear from hip hop and world outdoor and that includes not only clothing, but also accessories like sneakers, training socks and gym bags.

Top and leggings

The signature Calvin Klein sportswear collection (see is full of super stretch leggings, comfortable and designed to facilitate the movement of the legs; minimalist design all leggings shop CK were thought to sport, from running to yoga.

Don’t miss the black Bar Basics leggings waist maxi jersey grey range ideal for intense training.

Other unmissable proposals are Cropped Leggings – Dynamism made of nylon and elastane for enhanced fit, and available in fantastic-colored crystal rose with abstract decorations and Printed Cropped Leggings with floral decorations.

For those who like streetwear, Calvin Klein has several comfy sweatpants and totally glamorous, like the model cropped elasticated plush, and a thin waist strap, longer version also available.

The top CK were created with technical materials to ensure greater support during sports activities.

Clean lines and modern design for the top Lure Me In extremely convenient because it features a double inner bra that gives extra support.

Another proposal is the black tank top and motivated crew over, characterized by a knot on the back designed to not impede movement during aerobic activity.

This garment is perfect to wear with leggings dynamism and the big grey sweater with wide neckline and cute cuffs on the sleeves.


When it comes to sports apparel you can’t skip the accessories.

Calvin Klein in his sporty collection really thinks of everything and includes sneakers with laces like model Fergie, black and white with pink details and perfect for jogging, and great slip on as model Winona black, minimalist design and with holes that let your foot breathe.

For better sports performance on fashion brands offers different training socks cotton and elastane for greater comfort, available in pastel colors like yellow, pink and blue.

As for gym totes we model Cooper, with double zipper and handles, practical and easy to handle, for a day of hard workout.