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Lingerie for Chicks

The use of lingerie is very important for women as much as to take care of the hair or the nails. So it can be said that lingerie is not seen by women simply as underwear, a beautiful lingerie can raise self-esteem, making the woman feel sexy and attractive. And the lingerie guarantees this for even the… Read more »

Lingerie Inspiration!

Let’s go to our traditional Friday post! Well, as has a friend’s wedding coming up and I know that every weekend has some around the corner of Brazil (and the world), I found this picture and I decided to share with you. Is beautiful for brides on duty!

How to Take Good Care of Your Lingerie

If you invest in quality is likely to have extended expiration date, but to maintain the integrity of the pieces, you need to take good care of them. Some basic care can make all the difference. For starters, have one or two drawers just to accommodate your underwear. Ensure space and ventilation and after use… Read more »

Bra with Filling

Like past customs from generation to generation, the use of the intimate part has also become part of our culture, being practically obligatory the use of this type of clothing to fit the standards that society stipulates and considers until the present times.

Select The Right Casall Sports Bra

Choose the Right Sports Bra Your new sports bra should feel right for you and sit perfectly so you get the maximum out of your workout without having to annoy you over a sports bra that does not fit. We recommend thorough testing so you get a sport bra that fits perfectly for your workout.

Bra Washing Tips

How long your underwear stays fresh depends on how you treat them. We give no guarantee on how long a garment will stay but if you follow our advice, you will spend a long time together. Would it be a manufacturing defect in a product, you are of course welcome to get in touch with us… Read more »

How to Choose Gainante Lingerie

There is still some time, the sheathing underwear was unbearable. Too stiff, too enfermante, merely to get into it was already a feat we waddled, there came back all we could, and when at last, after incredible efforts, we managed to up our sleeve, we were exhausted and most importantly, very compressed.