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Leathers & Things Motor

Leather Arts & Crafts MOTO is the name of the group of producers and shops in Aoyama, Tokyo. The group started in 1971, founded by Hideo Motoike, a talented artist and sculptor (I’ll write more about it soon). One of the strands of the group is the ENGINE, born in 2011. Leathers & Things MOTOR is a… Read more »

What Is Pitti Uomo, and What Is Its Importance to Men’s Fashion

The fair Pitti Uomo happens every six months in Florence, Italy, bringing some of the most important launches of the masculine fashion world. In this issue that occurs from 19 to 22 July, 1.065 brands gather at the Fortezza de Basso, a number that grows each year. On the other hand we have the more than 32.000 visitors of the event and that… Read more »

Belstaff Launches Autumn Winter 2012 Campaign with Ewan McGregor

The Belstaff is just another one of those brands traditional that knew how to reinvent themselves after going through a period of bad and is now back with everything, eliciting the applause of the enthusiasts of fashion in the entire world, especially after the disclosure of the above image, which features pieces from the collection autumn/winter 2012… Read more »

Touch in Wool-Models

TACA EM LÁ-MODELOS-Not specifically for the winter, but always when it arrives or even approaches, many people begin to search clothes and wardrobe in search of that old sweaters and scarf, which is not even trendy, but how They say,    the winter fashion who does and you, and incredible as it may seem, this… Read more »

Wool Clothing Washing Tips

WASHING CLOTHES HOW TO WASH TIPS-Wash clothes, this is a practice that has been happening since the beginning of time every day has come to modernize.  From the stones to the tank, from the tank to the already modernized washing machines, and following the evolution we can highlight some current machines that come to do almost… Read more »

10 Tips to Prepare For Breastfeeding

Hello girls, okay? The vast majority of women to get pregnant, with good expectations, breast-feed their children shortly after birth, aware of all the benefits that this Act of love can bring. But, unfortunately, even with all the love in your heart and good will of the entire soul, many are unable to feed their children or else suffer a lot in… Read more »