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How to Wear Winter Skirt

The skirts are elements of femininity and key pieces on hot days. However, when temperatures drop, many women choose to leave them in the wardrobe until winter is over. Soon, during the cold season, both short and long skirts are pieces that can be used to compose elegant or stripped looks, without going cold.   To coordinate a look… Read more »

Modern Apparel Shorts

All dresses are elegant designs that stand out for their beauty and versatility that can adorn any majestic event, for which I now talk about modern fashion dresses short 2013 which are models that stand out in the Spring trend – autumn and which the world female market are also very significant. Therefore I’m going… Read more »

30 Looks With Jeans of Course!

The jeans of course is one of the hits of the moment because with it you can create looks fresh and well minimalists-have multiple washes and shades, it becomes more difficult to discern what is the exact shade of fashion, but the closest is the first photo. The less washes and details, the better! The only exception is for the jeans… Read more »

Jeans Destroyed: Hot or Not?

The jeans destroyed existed for many years and always comes back in fashion, as in the footprint of the Punk years 90, nowadays this re-reading is much more urban. You can combine with various styles and looks to be a customizable part–although many shops sell the jeans torn, shabby and already destroyed wash, you can still put your hands to work and rip… Read more »

What to Wear with Hot Pink Shorts

Stylish and bright shorts can be found in almost all summer collections. Today shorts are so practical and flexible that they can be worn for any occasion. Wills variety of styles, fabrics and colors. But you have to understand that summer is best to choose bright shorts, so his image was joyful and interesting.

Wearing Shorts

Shorts is a topic many readers wonder about. Many seem clearly affected by the hot weather and want to further update their wardrobe for the summer. For guidance and inspiration, here some tips why those who want to succeed in this course controversial garment.

How to Style Striped Pants

Contemporary fashion allows us to stand out, and even casual wardrobe to make it a little more interesting and original. Pants with stripes, for example, only attract the attention of others to man. How to Choose the Striped Pants? Contrary to popular belief, striped pants fit girls with any type of figure. But there are… Read more »

Fendi Leather Skirt

The Fendi collection fall/winter 2013-2014 was presented during the second day of Milan fashion week, Italian fashion week. Those staged are women who understand their ideas, which are doing every day, are the ones that run in big cities without having to give up their own style, to a sophisticated outfit to her femininity. Milan fashion week Unveils… Read more »