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Trend Alert: Swimsuits For Summer

We are in the time of year when summer and vacations are not more than Beach, Sun and a delicious drink in hand, or well thats what we all want to have and if you have the fortune to go to the beach these days, today I’m going to talk about suits swimwear for men.

7 Swimsuit Trends For This Summer

ALL we have a friend who has that neoprene bathing suit with flashy colors and black lines. And if you do not have it, you’re probably the one who joined the trend. This style became the protagonist of social networks during the summer of the last two years, so it’s time to give the opportunity to others.

What is a Fatkini

This summer, women have launched the hashtag #fatkini to combat the fat-shaming and the grossophobie because on weight discrimination is still very much present in our society. Zoom on this movement of women who share their selfies in bikini and highlight their curves on social networks.


In several municipalities in France, local authorities have banned the so-called “burkini” swimsuit that Muslim women are typically used to enter the water or show on the beach and that only lets see them face, hands and feet. Some judges and the first Minister Manuel Valls have supported the decision on behalf of the secularism… Read more »

Body Painting to Celebrate The 70th Anniversary of The Bikini

For some time now this part have been fashionable these videos that show the evolution of fashion, celebrity hairstyles, lingerie, etc. over the past in less than 3 minutes 100 years. Well, has just made public a video that will allow us to attend to the evolution of the bikini throughout the last century, but… Read more »

Women’s Swimwear 2013 Trends

After a spring and a very complicated and rainy winter, it’s time for you dear readers to enjoy the Sun and think about choosing your swimsuit. Today our writing offers to dissect trends swimsuit was 2013, a trikini, Push Up, or part you’re going to learn all about the trends of this summer.

La Perla Swimsuits 2013

This summer, forget the greyness and give in to calls from sensuality Adriatic dragging you in a swimsuit La Perla 2013! For its new collection of swimwear, la Perla is inspired colors and Sicilian lights by combining the traditional appearance of lace of smocking, which enhance the female form and awaken the sensuality of women’s… Read more »

Swimsuits for Every Body Type

The Perfect Swimwear For More Confident On The Beach What do common size 36 and 46? Both can wear the trendy bikinis and swimsuits – provided a few tricks are respected. We show how you put your figure type in scene with Ruffles, styles or colors. Swimsuits & bikinis for female curves Color and cut play the most… Read more »

Mode and Body Women: Finish with the R Otypes St

According to the news, it would appear that the lines are moving in representation of the women body re. However, it is not certain that means employees are good… Tuesday, April 3. the meeting national, the d could s adoptAmendment V ran to forbid the activity of model “any person whose body mass index certifies that it is in… Read more »

Louis Vuitton Menswear Fashion Show in Paris

Louis Vuitton was one of the first to parade on the occasion of the Paris men’s fashion week, who presented us with the clothing and accessories for the next hot season. Many famous guests, including Francesco Scianna and Luchino Visconti, attended the event, which was also the special opportunity to present Kim Jones, who by this fashion collection is the… Read more »

Skimpy Swimsuits Photos

The swimsuits are beautiful and feminine and they must not be excluded a priori in favor of skimpy and skimpy bikinis are perfect for all women, for skinny but also for those who have a few pounds to hide and some roll from “collapse.”Let’s see the most beautiful swimsuits and fashion of ‘summer 2012 , the best brands, the… Read more »

Swimwear Etro Reviews

Etro presents his collection of swimwear for the summer 2012, a line that celebrates in style one of the cult reasons for this hot season: the colored printing. In the case of the Italian fashion house, it is very often the Baroque allure and sophisticated prints rethought though in compliance with the fashionable colors and color combinations a bit… Read more »

Lingerie and Swimwear for Expectant Mothers

Also, pregnancy and maternity underwear can be sexy. Czech market offers plenty of brands to choose and each has its own style. But one thing unites – attentive to your comfort, and skin sensitivity. Therefore, the clothes made of cotton fabric, polyamide and lycra. BRA Ideally, maternity bra should be sewn from cotton, solid enough, with a wide… Read more »

Stylish Summer Swimwear

There is no time to waste time. If you want to bathe in summer in new swimsuit, do not hesitate. On many of them had in fact hang tag with discount and most beautiful pieces will soon be gone. You take your bikini or one-piece model? Easy choice it will not. The shop is in fact a plethora of… Read more »

Chic Swimwear Tezenis

Tezenis presents us with its beautiful collection of swimsuits designed for the summer 2012, a line of bikinis and bandeau costumes ranging between reasons and more classic patterns, but also adds interesting innovations. By touch with a retro twist, the colorful patterns, the new collection leaves ample space for more fashionable forms the last year and that the band… Read more »