Body Painting to Celebrate The 70th Anniversary of The Bikini

For some time now this part have been fashionable these videos that show the evolution of fashion, celebrity hairstyles, lingerie, etc. over the past in less than 3 minutes 100 years. Well, has just made public a video that will allow us to attend to the evolution of the bikini throughout the last century, but through the technique of the body painting.

With a little music piano background that reminds a little of the first films silent Charlotte, three artists body painting have been illustrating while filming them were like bikinis from the year 1916.

A work of makeup impressive team that required many hours of work and that allows us to attend to the evolution of the iconic garment attributed in 1946 – now 70 years -, to Louis Réard (an automotive engineer).

But in truth this is not strictly true because the athletes of the ancient Greece they used to use a few pieces of fabric known as mastodeton -which lasted until the middle ages, – and which you can see in some mosaics in the remains of a Roman Villa in Casale)Sicily).

In the video that we showed you today, we see swimwear type 20’s how Coco Chanel who sported when he escaped with his friends artists (Painters and writers) to enjoy the beaches of the French Riviera French.

Also those other iconic bathing suits one-piece and padded at the height of the chest or the coulottes of retro style that used to be the pin ups back in the year 1956, passing, how not, by the Polka dot bikinis of the girls yéyés 60, up to the unforgettable red swimsuit that all associate with “The Baywatch” television series and the bikinis of the decades.

After this curious and artistic review to the bikini for decades, if had to choose, do with what you quedaríais?