Bershka Opening In Berlin – 1,500 M² Full Of Bright Colours, Bags & Shoes

To point 16: 00 it started: Bershka opened its doors on the Tauentzien 14 in Berlin and invited press and friends to the official pre-opening, to explore their first German, giant flagship store once alone. Colourful is  and neon colors and Rainbow patterns. A spacious sales area of approximately 1,500 m² on two floors is the buyers – and once again, the girls can enjoy a bit more, because their shopping paradise is significantly greater than that of men. For all: clothing as far as the eye can see, from cheap to dirt cheap.

Produces will surely like at Zara and H & M, the pieces come but still a bit short-lived. For the price you can safely handle and when to not dress in Bershka, that sure didn’t continue striking. The Spanish giant is definitely pretty accessories such as bags, shoes and jewelry, which distributed appropriately to the individual outfits hanging in the whole store and decorate all walls yet once clearly lined up? By quiteschbunten Plastikbags in giant format, up to more discreet satchel bags in all imaginable colours – Bershka has them for you. The intended audience includes the early twenties, and it sure still a bit down scale can be – because no matter whether design and quality, we are speaking not to a hundred percent.

The pockets and certainly the one or the other shoe could hop in the wardrobe, the clothes but was only moderately. The location is not necessarily attractive for me, because when one is in the vicinity of the Ku dam and undergoing the stress of shopping there.

But God, that is so flush with the taste – look past, you created a self-image and plunges into the world of Rainbow brand. I’m me sure of one or other is there quite found of you. Also I will even out and give me a little more time, maybe the world is yes then already again very different and the Rainbow magic still gets me. After all, it was my first-ever Bershka date and reliable sources have tell me that the Bershka store in Berlin look neat in comparison can.

I brought a few images you anyway, you might be interested in – her also to the collection of bloggers can have a special look, da nämlch include the love Katja has been tagged and designed a really nice shirt, that of course there can get you.