Ask: Slimfit-rock?

by | January 28, 2017

Hi, I’m looking to buy a new winter coat and have some thoughts about this. I would need a coat that can handle a suit underneath, there are various designers who are known for designing the butt, or should I just go up a size from my normal? Is it possible to have slim fit-rock with costume during or normal-fit the only possible? I’m 1,72m, according myself short. My last rock goes above my knees, much longer I think I can not go, but believes you think I should go shorter or works “above-knee-coats” for my height? Can you recommend some shops in Stockholm måttsyr coats? Sincerely KM

It’s an interesting question you ask. Very often recommends Mr stores its customers to choose an outer coat that is a size larger than his usual to accommodate a thicker sweater or suit jacket underneath. The reasoning assumes that jacket and overcoat has exactly the same dimensions, which they obviously do not have. Most overcoats are adapted to bear on a jacket. On the contrary, often sewn outer rock shoulders unnecessarily broad, leading to many unnecessary wearing wide overcoats in an unnecessarily large size. Now, sizes obviously vary between different designers, but it’s really a different question.

The main thing to consider is that the outer gown silhouette is the same as for the rest of the upholstery. Close-fitting jackets allow even a slim cut coat. So if you would say that your costume is slim fit it is absolutely possible to carry even an overcoat that is it. Tried, however, that not only look at how it’s waist, where many put all the focus. The most important is the shoulders. Blazer shafts must not be too far in relation to the outer rock or vice versa.

Regarding the length, I think it sounds like a sensible choice to choose an overcoat that ends just above your knees. Coats that are longer tend to cut the legs of the wearer, which rarely is particularly flattering to the wearer. I also think that a coat with a narrow silhouette should be slightly shorter. It is obviously possible to carry an even shorter coat as long as it covers the entire jacket.

Your last question, I am not the right person to answer is pretty bad on who måttsyr overcoats in Stockholm. I hope you readers can provide more tips, but any of the following may be helpful:

J.Lindeberg, flagship store in libraries street
His Allde
Rose & Born
Douglas Menswear
Jens Dahlström
NK Man

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