A 10 for Greece and Its Vogue Setentero

by | September 25, 2017

Ieva Laguna It is responsible for starring in and give shape to the new home of the month of October 2011 magazine Vogue Greece (also known as Vogue Hellas). The 1970s they are a trend that are the order of the day and the issue knows it, is why the seventies air that reigns in the image. Under the orders of the photographer Koray Birand, the model with Pamela’s flannel (the most this season) to set with her lips and her hair Garnet boa.

The gray tweed coat and his shoulder bag style vintage and retro’s Gucci do not do anything else do that the styling is 10. Is why this cover so good? Apart from that styling is very successful and the image is good, the lack of headlines they occupy all the front power their savoir faire.

From Jezebel We love the covers which are not filled with thousand and one letters, covering the image and diverting attention to letters without sense. Bravo for Vogue and its Greek Edition. What you think about the end result?