11 Tricks With Fasteners Every Girl Should Know

by | May 22, 2017

Thanks to the clips we see more sensual, but sometimes, after a long day’s work we feel that it is torture. Fortunately, there are certain guidelines that you can follow so that you can use it as comfortably as you can.

11 Tricks With Fasteners Every Girl Should Know

You do not remove the BRA after doing sports to clean it

Source: Nexticle To wash your sports bra you can leverage to do it while you give you a shower after your activity. Then rinse thoroughly and you will see that thanks to the new compositions of tissues in a few minutes you are ready to use it again. Whenever you buy a bra for a sport that is of very good quality.

It changes the band of the BRA so it rests you to perfection

Source: Walking with dancers Sometimes it is necessary to change the band of the BRA. Since it can be small or large in relation to the Cup. It is easy to make it. It will take only a few minutes, not even will be necessary the use of a sewing machine. This type of change will be possible in the clips that have a band that crosses all the back. Models that have the band forming a ‘U’ no they can change the band.

Firstly the length of the band should you measure below the breasts, in the place where normally the band will be sitting, breathing to notice that it is not too tight preventing missing air from the lungs. In the event that notes that bra comes loose and wear just that you change the hooks in place to avoid having to change the entire band.

Very carefully not to disarm too bra earthing the band which currently has, and placed the new, keeping the same proportions in the time of cook it stretches a little elastic so that the garment has the necessary movement, if kicks elastic band may which is occurring surely stretch the elastic not that sit perfectly

What to do if the ring is far from the chest

Source: Cosmotpolitan In this case it is clear that the size of the cups of the bra is very small. In all the ring case should be firmly against the chest without any paertura is generated. So you know if the straps are of the correct length you must lift your arms above your head, cruzandolos without the band you overtighten and BRA to lose the position that must be.

When the bra is bulky at the sides, at the end of the cups or your top you should choose other Cup-size. Remember that Cup must contain all the chest without generating this kind of effect.

Place a snap on the inside of your clothes so that the straps do not fall

Source: Fabardiy Nothing more ugly than seeing a woman having to accommodatethe bra straps because they fall down every two minutes.Fortunately, the solution to this problem is really simple. Just that you place a strip of fabric or Ribbon in the same color on the inside of the garment. At one end the tape shall be sewn and at the other end, you have to enter a small snap. So won’t be you bra strip at the edge of clothes or you will have to sit the strips every five minutes.

Choose the right bra

Source: Trusper There are some guidelines that you should keep in mind when choosing the BRA. Different studies have shown that seven out of ten women they don’t have to choose the correct your bra size.This, even though it may seem funny, can lead to serious problems in the long run, such as back pain, deformities in posture and some breast problems.

It is so wrong to wear a bra that is too tight as one be two more sizes to simulate that you have more chest.

A trick to use bra backless blouses

Source. Emmelbiyd Some models of blouses without backs are designed to be worn without a bra, but on other models, especially the more loose should be used with a bra. For use should have a bra without straps of adequate size, and the bra straps plus an additional (or a piece of elastic in the same tone of the bodice). It begins by cutting the back of BRA 1.5 centimetres from the end, use part of the back of the BRA as a template to cut the three straps to length to two centimeters of side. Place the face of the bra and feel the straps on the top face down. Sew the straps on the back of the end of the clip.

It knows your size to buy in different stores with success

Source: The gloss It is very common that women mistake when it comes to knowing the BRA size

In some cases women can ask based on Cup size while others do so on the basis of the outline. One is also the likes of Spanish and other European. This can be a great source of confusion.

The size number refers to the outline that is obtained by measuring the outline of the trunk below the BRA line and adding 15. The letter relates to the size of the Cup, which gets measured above the chest and subtracting the measure of your remaining outline.
The letter A is 12-14 cm (small bust), B 14 to 16 centimeters (half bust), C 16-18 cm (full bust), D of 18 to 20 centimeters (voluminous bust).

At (12 to 14 centimeters, small bust), B (from 14 to 16 cm, bust average), C (16 to 18 cm, full bust), D (from 18 to 20 centimeters, large bust) and the sequence continues for superior drinks. In case of obtaining intermediate measures, it is advisable to check the greatest Cup and the lowest because the type of BRA model can influence.

Differences between fasteners

Source: Pinterest There are fasteners designed to increase or decrease the bust.These Bras will help correct some defects. For example, some models are designed to reduce to a size in the Cup using a suitable reducing. These bras are created especially for these effects without damage or pressing the chest.

In the event that you have small breasts can enhance it using Bras with push-up, sometimes you will have the possibility of increasing up to two sizes. Other models have a kind of pad that is placed at the bottom and others come with padding in gel, which achieve a more natural effect.

Buy a converter for backless blouses

Source: Yeahmag In shops specialized sell fasteners back converters . An excellent alternative to be able to wear garments whose back is free.

Avoid strapless bra slip

Source: Lifecheating In many cases we noticed that fasteners without strips are sliding down, becoming something quite uncomfortable. The next time you feel that you are invited to take the same decision that the girl in the photo.

Hanging Bras on a hanger

Source: Pinterest Instead of keeping the clips in a drawer, where may end up crushed and deformed a good measure is to hang them, so they may maintain in good condition for longer.

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