11 Products Prove Today’s Outdated is Tomorrow’s Vintage

You can not tell if it’s because of nostalgia or a craze to romanticize things from the past, the important thing is that vintage products are a real success nowadays.

We took advantage of this hook and selected 11 objects that have managed to overcome the barrier of time and remain firm and strong in our day to day, whether with updated versions or not.Check it:

1) Mixer

Credits: Batedeira_Walita

You may even find this model of Walita half square, but it has a brand that produced a whole line of brand-new brandy blenders using the same color as this one up there according to Physicscat.com.

2) Polaroid camera

Credits: Camera_Polaroid

This Polaroid model is so influential that it became an Instagram icon and had its photography model as the basis of the app’s image preview for quite some time.Are you going to tell me that you never noticed that?!

3) Vinyl disc


He has had his death decreed several times, but has shown himself a true highlander of music.Embraced by a generation that has not had the pleasure of living with it during its golden years, the vinyl record as well as being a true collector’s item is also representative of a more romantic time in the music industry.

4) Tape K7

Credits: Fita_k7

Another survivor, the K7 tape goes through a process of rediscovery that happened to vinyl a few years ago.If she came back to stay as the bolachão only the future will say.

5) Stove with wings

Credits: Fogao_antigo

This stove model marked the life of many families here, which no one could imagine is that it would serve as inspiration for a retro line of a brand known there.

6) Refrigerator

Credits: Refrigerator_vintage

Another appliance that did not escape unscathed from the retro wave that took over the market.In this case it is not necessary to put a link, due to the number of models that are inspired by these refrigerators from above.

7) Typewriter

Credits: Maquina_de_escribe_Olivetti_Lettera

No one would give a damn about the typewriter.After all with so much platform available (smartphone, tablet, notebook) why a heavy burden like this would serve, right?Wrong.A hipster gal decided that it was time for her to get back active and started walking around with the gear.

8) Pager

Credits: Pager

It is impossible in whatsapp times anyone would imagine that this gadget was already the fastest way for someone to communicate with you using a text message.It’s okay that those brackets to attach the device to the belt were not very attractive, because the important thing was to be informed in time that someone was looking for you!!!

9) Disc Phone Device

Credits: Old_phone

Another device that did not escape the vintage wave.In its current version it has gained up to message identifier .

10) Portable Vitrola

Credits: Vitrola_Philips

You must love the ease that Spotify, Deezer and other streaming services allow when you want to fill your day’s music.But this portable record player has played a similar role in the distant past.

11) Walkman


And if you love listening to the playlists of the band around, know that it all started with a culture of exchanging tapeta mixtapes that the guys loved to hear on their Walkman !!!

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