ZenWatch 2 Android Wear Smartwatch

The ZenWatch 2 does not change much compared to the previous model, but delivers a good experience and the best cost/benefit ratio of the market for wearable devices. The smart accessory was officially launched during the IFA 2015.

Update: the Taiwanese company decided to bring the second generation of wearable watch your to Brazil. The announcement was made on the day of October 25, in São Paulo. Check out the details in the topic “release date and price,” below.

ASUS ZenWatch 2 – release date and price

The ZenWatch 2 was announced during the technology fair Berlin, IFA, in 2015, and will come to Brazil during the first fortnight of November. The watch sold here will be 1.45 inch AMOLED screen, 4 GB of storage, water protection (IP67) and 4 GB of storage. The price of the ZenWatch will be R $999.00 2.

In addition to this, the smartwatch Asus will bring to the country the ZenWtach 3, newer model that has AMOLED screen and is packed by Snapdragon processor Wear 2100, which is more energy efficient than the present in Zenwatch 2. The clock will also be present on the national market from the second half of November by R $1,799.00.

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ASUS ZenWatch 2 – design & build quality

The launch of the Asus ZenWatch 2 shows a clear trend of wearable devices market: users are increasingly seeking exclusivity. The proof of this is that, unlike what we saw in the past, now we have two variants of screen size. One of them has 1.63 inches of fabric and another 1.45 inches. In addition, the boxes of clocks have 3 color options and 18 bracelets. However, Asus continues investing in models with square box.

Unlike the standard design of the Zen line smartphones, Asus had greater care with the visual design of your smartwatch clock. Depending on the color of the device, the button will have details in gold or silver, as well as the inner part of it can vary the color ZenWatch 2 is not a device that seems cheap at first glance, despite the price. Compared to the previous model, the manufacturer removed the button that was positioned on the watch case, and proceeded to position “3”. The reason was that users were hurting the handle by pressing the screen of the device to turn on and off the screen.

The microphone is located on the left side, on the bottom, and serves to recognize voice commands. No doubt the Asus has improved the visual design in the second generation of the ZenWatch 2.

Returning to the substrate, the ZenWatch 2 brings on the back to your water resistance certification IP67, and connectors for battery charging, that fit automatically to the cable or dock. The bracelets are easy to remove due to the adapter pin located in one of the side.

ASUS ZenWatch 2 – Screen

The quality of ZenWatch screen 2 is the same as your predecessor, with the exception of the smaller model that has a pixel density increased. Thus, the device’s larger AMOLED screen has 1.63 inches diagonal, uses Gorilla Glass 3 technology and a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels which gives the unit ppi 278.

It is worth saying that on Android Wear the brightness can be adjusted manually and the screen will always remain active unless you modify the settings. Once disabled the option “always on Screen”, you can disable it by simply supporting the Palm of your hand on the screen. To reactivate it, just make the classic movement to bring the pulse in the direction of the face (or click the physical button).

ASUS ZenWatch 2-Software

The 2 wheel ZenWatch with the latest version of Android Wear and offers support for both devices with the Android OS as iOS. However, I haven’t had a chance to have a very clear experience than the OS of the new smartwatch clock is really capable of during my test, because the appliance was in demo mode.

Android Wear had a considerable improvement since the announcement of the first version of the smart watch from Asus and the manufacturer took advantage of that. Altogether we have 50 different dials, and Asus has developed an application in which the user can create or customize their own dials.

Worth mentioning here are the exclusive services that Asus provides to its users, such as the Intelligent Assistant that prioritizes the important notifications; the ZenWatch Message to the exchange of messages between users of the manufacturer, and wellness, an embedded even more accurate pedometer that allows you to track user activity and send progress reports to sports practices. However, as to whether these services are really functional, will require a longer test with this smartwatch clock.

ASUS ZenWatch 2 – Performance

The ZenWatch 2 uses the same processor of the previous model, the Snapdragon 400, and has 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal memory. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that the device has a price so low, little has changed in relation to the hardware.

During my short test with the 2 ZenWatch, I couldn’t understand delays or gagging on performance, and having in mind the experience offered by the first generation, you will not have performance issues with this watch, or SO slow.

ASUS ZenWatch 2 – drums

The capacity of the battery ZenWatch 2 has been optimized, now has 400mAh and has a loading speed 35% greater than the one we have in ZenWatch. Added to this, the gadget reaches 50% of the battery capacity in 36 minutes. However, with a capacity from 400mAh, this process could be even smaller.

Preliminary verdict

Asus was able to launch in 2015 the smartwatch clock with the best cost/benefit when we look at all the wearables released during the IFA 2015. The ZenWatch 2 has virtually the same Bike 360 2015 hardware is much more accessible. During the launch event of the Taiwanese manufacturer, I confess that I was a little frustrated with the design pattern that she insists on wearing on their devices, but with the ZenWatch printing is another. So much so that even putting the smartwatch clock at a very low price on the market, the Asus not abdicated the quality of materials or even sleek of serious.

At this point, based on my hands-on ZenWatch 2, I’d say that if you are thinking about starting to use this new technology, this smart timepiece from Asus is the best option on the market.