Yves Saint Laurent Sunglasses for the Celebrities

The other day, reviewed the favorite celebrities sunglasses and leave us these of Chloe, that I have seen put to more than one star. In the image: Rachel Bilson, Cameron Diaz y Mischa Barton.

Yves Saint Laurent Sunglasses for the Celebrities

You can then see the goggles in detail to appreciate the peculiarity of his mount, vintage style, and the beauty of the piece, which It has seduced more than one. Also to you?

If so, you can already save because these glasses cost 275 dollars. It is the price that must be paid to take the garment must have of the celebrities This season.

Yves Saint Laurent Sunglasses

If you do not like half-measures, perhaps not you have withvinced the two-color glass of the Chanel sunglasses. I have to admit that to me is precisely what I have withquered them.

If you want glasses like the Chanel, but two-color crystals, Yves Saint Laurent offers you a good alternative: a huge sunglasses, round, with pvc frame and, above all, with the black glass.

Are so dark that No one can guess where you are looking. These glasses will become the center of attention and the more mysterious woman of the place.

Already have available the new eyewear collection of Yves St. Laurent. Perfect to take those long summer lunch, something on the terrace.

The entire collection is fine but my favorites are these photography, logo with Rhinestone YSL interlaced in rods.

This model is available in Marron-beige, grey-white and black for a few 250 euros approximately. We can see the whole collection of YSL official website.

You can see the entire collection of vintage style sunglasses at InternetAges.