You Need To Have: Bra Strapless Structured!

Do you have blouses with very thin straps? Same situation: just wear a good bra will take it down! Again, the straps will not pollute the look.

The secret

The secret of a bra is that it will fall when it’s time to choose yours, because a bra that has a firm structure will shape your breasts, lift them up and give you security. The more structured models give greater security for those who have small breasts and also for those who have large breasts.    

And the color?

If you do not want to have several bras of this model, the secret is to choose some neutral color that will match your various clothes -and the main one, which will not highlight the color underneath the piece. A nude bra is always a good option.  

Models available at the Intima Store:

At Intima Store there are several models of bra that will fall structured ! Now there is no excuse, so do not leave your dresses and sweaters that do not have a retired strap because you just have to buy a versatile bra and give you security – so you will not have any more trouble dressing!