Wool Clothing Washing Tips

WASHING CLOTHES HOW TO WASH TIPS-Wash clothes, this is a practice that has been happening since the beginning of time every day has come to modernize.  From the stones to the tank, from the tank to the already modernized washing machines, and following the evolution we can highlight some current machines that come to do almost all activities focused on washing clothes, but some models and type of fabric bringing there their Particularities, where many fabrics can not be washed in the machine due to its fragility. And among the several we can highlight the models in Wool, which bring their particularities where we need a care in their washing, generally this type of piece being washed the old fashion, by hand, in order to preserve its particularities and the Beauty of the piece.

Some people use a washing machine for this type of fabric, of course, but it is advisable to surround ourselves with some care in order to preserve the characteristics and preservation of the piece. Here are some good tips on how to wash and His piece in wool.

You want to get that yellowish from the white wool clothes, just put a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide at the time of washing. When it is time to dry the pieces, try not to hang them on the clothesline so that they do not become deformed and never leave the piece to dry in the sun, only in the shade.

How to Wash Woolen Clothes by Hand:

1-First read the washing recommendations on the part label, if it is written that it can only be dry-cleaned, do not risk washing it by hand as water can damage the fabric. In this case, take your laundry to a specialized laundry. If only manual washing is recommended, fill a bowl with water and add the recommended dose of omo delicate clothing that is on the product label.

2-Put the clothes in the water and soak for a few minutes. Shake the piece with your hands, paying special attention to the areas that most need to be cleaned (wrists or under the arms, for example).

3-Empty the basin or tank, and fill them again with clean water. Rinse the laundry until all traces of soap are removed. Be careful when rinsing the part. Do not stretch, twist or squeeze too hard to deform.

4-Wrap the piece with a clean and preferably white bath mat, and absorb as much water as possible.

5-Let the piece dry naturally horizontally so that it retains its original shape. In the case of blouses, always leave your arms straight. Never dry the part on the tumble dryer so that it will not shrink.

6-Different wool pieces may require different types of treatment and washing, so it is very important to follow the instructions on the label.

How to Spend Wool Clothes?

1-Whoever is to wear woolen clothes should not make contact between the iron and the piece, as this may cause serious damage to it. The ideal is to put a cloth between the two.

2-Who does not have iron can opt for other options such as the hair dryer, used with clothes hanging on a hanger, through the dryer, which should be attached for 15 minutes, along with a wet piece.

3-To dismantle your woolen clothing you need steam or something damp, thus leaving the dress very smooth.

How to Store Woolen Clothes:

If you have lots of woolen pieces and lack closet space to store them all, use the Space Bag, an American vacuum compression bag that reduces up to 5 times the volume of clothing, and protects against mold, dust mites and moisture. Hang on a hanger, which can deform the clothing.

Important Care:

Another care with woolen clothing is do not let them soak for a long time. Wash by hand with coconut soap and avoid rubbing them, give only slight squeezes and then rinse thoroughly. The use of softener is released as long as the pieces do not soak for more than five minutes.