Women’s Swimwear 2013 Trends

After a spring and a very complicated and rainy winter, it’s time for you dear readers to enjoy the Sun and think about choosing your swimsuit. Today our writing offers to dissect trends swimsuit was 2013, a trikini, Push Up, or part you’re going to learn all about the trends of this summer.

Swimsuit push-up: The trend of the year 2013

It of the trend that emerges in the swimsuits of this summer, indeed more and more brands offer push up swimwear. They offer a simple and elegant way to add value to his chest. If you’re wondering how to highlight your chest, we recommend a special folder for small breasts look.

Here is a model of the Chiemsee brand that caught our attention:

Chiemsee PUSH UP COCO – Bikini – purple model, price between 55 and €65 according to the size

The swimsuit printed: patterns and colors

It’s a trend that made his appearance in the Anglo-Saxon countries, but happens little by little in hexagon. Printed swimwear offers pretty patterns and colours we’ve rarely seen on traditional swimsuits.

Here are two models identified that have caught our attention:

The two shirts are priced at €46,39, access now to several designs printed.

The swimsuit pin-up: the retro ambience

For those who want to stay glamorous while assuming a retro Beach look, retro swimsuits make their appearance. Low high sizes, patterns to flowers or peas. Can be found for everyone.

There are also some swimwear that we saw at fashionissupreme.com.

The price? €39 available online on the website.

We hope that the presentation of these models has given ideas for your future swimwear, don’t wait not balances to order your favorite shirts (often the best products leave balances before).