Women’s Plus Size Summer Maxi Dress

Suffer from overweight and are wondering how to look good in a long dress? The woman is feminine and elegant, wearing appropriate dress. See some little tricks that you may find helpful when choosing long dresses.

The first and most important thing you need to do, choosing her dress to decide which body part you want to hide and what your part you want to emphasize.

If the dress you are looking for a formal occasion, seek it shows a lot of your body. If the dress is designed for everyday life, let she is comfortable, suitable for any minor occasions.

Choose dresses that are poluprilepnali at the top and fall freely at the bottom.

Avoid bright colors and patterns of large flowers and transverse stripes because they expand. Preferably vertical lines because they will look weaker.

Choose dresses with soft fabrics falling because they do not inflate and do not add unnecessary weight. Roughly structured fabrics in turn give additional unwanted volume, so they are not recommended.

Combine the dress with a jacket if you feel that your hands do not look good.

If you have broad and rounded hips choose a dress, focusing on the top. You can bet on higher neckline or decoration edges. Try to achieve visual balance with the help of dresses from thin fabric like silk, for example. The edges conceal larger shoulders.

If you have a plus size bust, the focus should be shifted in the opposite direction. Emphasize your waist or focus on lower body. However, if you have a large waist, appropriate dress is set below the bust, which is cut down freely.

Do not select wide dresses, thinking that thus conceal its shortcomings. The effect is the opposite – the figure look even wider.

Accessories are important conclusion of your kind. Large bags and massive jewelery are a great addition to your dress. If you like scarves, choose models that fall loosely on the neck and shoulders.

Remember that the most appropriate accessory that will always work in your favor is smile. Be smiling and feeling good in its form, even if it is a few kilos on top.