Winter Clothing Trends

Started Sunday the international fashion week Sao Paulo with unique and inaugural parade Alexandre Herchcovitch-more to a conceptual gap event than models wearing trends prèt-a-porter for the 2016 winter. One thing is clear … so don’t expect very cold next winter (our temperatures are rising increasingly) and so the jackets lose space for colder and tissues and the long tunics.

Everything in black and white. Chosen fabrics: Tricoline cashmere, silk, taffeta, grosgrain. jacquard, elastic tulle, silk stretch satin, wool, cashmere, knit stocking canvas, wool, alpaca and wool crepe mistress Jane. Enough for the acclaimed Herchcovitch send your message to the designers who soon will be parading their collections on the catwalk: dare. With good seamstresses and great ideas. That’s how you win respect and notability.

Herchcovitch worked much with moorings, zipers, transparencies and patterns created in joints of the tissues with luster and opaque. Small cracks. Master ringtones. A show of variations and creativity. In fact, the perfect show to open an event like the SP Fashion Week that’s already on the international fashion calendar and celebrates 20 years of activity.

If you are brazilian fashion enthusiast, the Bienal Pavilion, at Ibirapuera Park, deserves your visit. If you do not have how to accompany the parades (the entries are disputadíssimas), there are 3 exhibitions that deserve to be seen. “From beginning to Beginning” scours the SPFW’s memory and features in images the two decades of the history of the event according to softwareleverage.

“Dream Scenario” rescues the work of set designer Joseph Marton, who signed many of the scenarios and lounges seen over the years.”Doing the Head” exposes 40 creations of David Ramos, a name known for his impressions, hats and fascinators.And these, in the same Ibirapuera Park, the OCA displays a never-one of the most important photographers in the history of contemporary fashion, Miles Aldridge, known for his photos with saturated colors and vibrant, surreal scenarios and beautiful models in positions never conventional. Since last Thursday (15.10) until the end of November.The show has some of his most famous photographs. Who visit certainly will remember many of them, since Aldridge publishes frequently in magazines such as “W”, “Vogue”, “Number”, “New Yorker”, “Bazaar”, etc.

Miles is in North London and had as friends of the family names like John Lennon and Eric Clapton. He was married to model Kristen McNemany and her two sisters, Lily and Ruby are active models. Lily is part of the team at Victoria’s Secret and Ruby is one of the faces of Marc Jacobs. He graduated in illustration by Central Saint Martins, one of her first dives deeper into the world of fashion, and your first job, went to British Vogue.

The exhibition “Dazzling Beauty” (raving beauty) was launched at Sommerset House in London, in 2013 and could not get here at a better time, even in best place, adjacent to the Pavilion of the Biennale. After all … Fashion is also art. And her records and its expressions are at your disposal in these days of SP Fashion Show. Who can resist? See you then.