Winter Clothing Combinations

You don’t have to think too much. This winter, eight wildcard parts will keep you warm and inside fashion

The cold is a delight! Taking that bean soup, hot chocolate, a good wine with fondue … the problem is that, with him, also that courage to get out of bed, take care of the body and Plumb another cold day! Leave the hot bath and waste time choosing an outfit, then, becomes a real challenge.

And the mission does not stop there. It also caught, in hat, in scarf and even on the umbrella. Our luck is that over time, some combinations of pieces have become so classic (and chic!) in the winter that we didn’t even have to invent a lot according to constructmaterials.

You just need to have eight pieces wildcards in the closet – Yes, eight! -to assemble gorgeous looks, warm and practical to go there. Spy!

Look 1: Coat + Shoes

If your workplace allows a more relaxed, don’t give up of tennis this winter. Have better play and more comfortable to face day to day, even in this crazy and watered a lot of rain? In the body, bet on a long coat and a more tight pants, leggings or jeans.

Look 2: Exit + Pantyhose

Is a mistake to think that not can use short skirt in the winter. If combined with a black panty, whether it be 15 or 40 wire, you can escape the obvious, without going cold. To compose the look, finish with an ankle boot, over the knee,Oxford, loafers and even sneakers. Very stylish!

Look 3: Long Sleeve + Cape or Poncho

I confess that I ‘m in love with ponchos! In addition to warm, they are beautiful and super stylish, giving a whole different and modern air for the production. To keep the look overloaded or so full of parts that you won’t be able to even move, put a dry long sleeve shirt underneath. Trick.

Look 4: Vest + Long Tights

The winter can cause some pranks. How many times haven’t we left wrapped up the street and mega then almost die of heat indoors? The long vest is perfect to balance the temperature and do not stay in this “put and take”. Combined with tight skirt, leggings or skinny, you get a modern and comfortable (there it-girls!), as well as lengthen the silhouette and stay the hell away from the cold. OBA!

Liked it? Tell me in the comments what your favorite look!