Why An Anita Active Sports Bra?

Sport places a great burden on chest. When we run the chest moves every step around 9 cm. -calculated in a 1,000 meters race this is 84 meters in movement.

A functional sports bra, Anita active gives form, subject and surrounds the chest, in such a way that it does not move at all. In voluminous breasts it is essential to use of garments with functional characteristics.

It is important that during the practice of sport is not used a bra either, this unfortunately is unknown for many women. Only about 15% used a special sports bra.

The study from breathtakingdresses.com by Dra Joana Scurr, specialist in sport of the University of Portsmouth science noted that while a sports support bra stops a 74% rolling chest, a normal bra stops only 38% of the swing.

You Know That…?

Breast is composed of fatty tissue and not muscle tissue. Not having muscles in case of sagging exercises do not help the recovery of the shape of the breast. On the other hand, Cooper (responsible for maintaining upright chest) ligaments can stretch and even break inevitably cause hold if same weight of the breasts. That risk increases proportionally with the size of the breasts and the intensity of the movement. That is why it is so important to maintain the shape of the breast with a good grip deformed after the chest is very difficult to return to your site.

Why Is Different Levels Of Attachment There?

Active sportswear from Anita are divided into three different levels depending on its functionality, due to the needs required in every type of sport.

Light Support

Light Support models are designed for women with small cups or sports in which movements are of low intensity.

Firm Support

For women who practice sport with high intensity of movement or large glasses we have created the line of Firm Support that by its greater functionality protects and secures the chest as required at the moment.
Maximum Support

For movements of extreme intensity or large cups her chest will need a grip extra. For this purpose they are Maximum Support bras.