Where To Buy Plus Size In Madrid

Many times we count you come to spend a few days in Madrid and you like to go shopping, but do not know where to find shops of large size. I regret being me that remove you the illusion, but in the capital we have almost the same options as any other capital of province.

Here our options favorite to find clothes more than the 42:

– Lady peanut.

If you like the roll pin-up, this is your store. It’s not the cheapest but it is that the designs are unique and very careful. You can also buy online but in Madrid they are on the lower slide of Paul number 26. They have up to size 48.

– Forever 21 +

One of our favorite stores in the whole world recently opened in Madrid. The problem? Catches do not close at hand. It is in the Xanadu shopping centre and to get will have to catch public transport or car (which comes from Príncipe Pío).

There are often Monads and priced very well, but do not tell a large space. The section dedicated to the plus size is a corner of the store. If you need jeans and basic, this is your site! It is ideal also for swimwear and accessories.

– Kiabi.

If you’ve already caught the car and you’ve planted yourself in the Xanadu shopping centre, used also to visit Kiabi. In addition to clothing, they usually have bargains plus size lingerie that is always very useful. Prices are baratitos and some clothing sizes go up to the 54.

You have more stores in Kiabi Islazul, Corredor Park, West Park (Alcorcon), new Plaza retail park (Leganes) or Kiabi Rivas. No one in the Center, notice. If you stay in the Centre of Madrid you will need car for everyone.

– Violet by Mango.

A little more expensive than the previous ones, have to violet by Mango that is slowly positioning within the plus size. We like for basic such as jeans and something with which never fail: the leather bikers.

My favorite shop in Madrid is the one at Nuevos Ministerios (Orense Street, 1), but we can find more local violet 83 Calle Goya, Velazques 41 or del Centro Comercial La Vaguada.

– Primark.

I take it for fact that all know the Irish giant. Blessed Primark. Saves us the skin to which use of the 48 down, but I always recommend that you go even if you use a 50 because you can find things that are perfectly valid.

In Madrid we have several Primark but which have opened a few months ago in Gran Vía captures everyone’s attention. It is true that the building is spectacular, but in my experience the variety leaves a little to be desired. I recommend others hidden as the full moon or Park corridor. They are not so great, but I always find more bargains than at the Center.

– C & A

Another classic that is gaining ground in recent years in Madrid. They are modernizing their shops as well as their clothing lines, and the truth is that the plus size section is improving enough.

Medium-low price, c & A can be found chollitos for all sizes. In Madrid they have more than 20 shops but we recommend the new premises that have opened in the Gran Via, is chulisima!

– H & M

Another classic that never fails. The plus size section is a little corner and not all its stores have it (before the Web queries to not take disappointments), and we say that it is a little lottery. With what we love this store in its ‘normal size’ (already I understand), the plus section leaves a little to be desired and have much to improve. But for jeans and some other basic things can make us a workaround.

If you do not want to move from the Center, in Gran Via you will have not one, but two HM where do your compritas shops.

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