Where To Buy Boots Wide

Comes the winter and you what you want is to find a good pair of boots, those that you can set with pants and dress, versatile and comfortable. But clear, for stores that you usually go you’re not more than a gordibuena that do not have why be content. It I refuse, the intention I have with this post is of content yourself, and that if what you want are high boots you have them, even if your calf is that of Roberto Carlos. So I’m going to recommend some of the stores that offer good options of wide cane for this winter don’t miss your boots.

But before, come up with a few tips to make your purchase go well:

You measure the width of (largest area) seated calf, with your legs at a 90 ° angle.
When you look at the web, be sure that what they’re looking at is the contour of the calf.
Please note that the information you give is usually based on a size 37/38, and have more size, more climbing contour centimeters.
Invest in some good boots, we already know that the prices are high, but boots can thus last you a ‘lifetime’.
For my friends Vegan/Vegetarian: you do not read the following… Natural materials such as leather is adapted / adjusted better to the shape of your calf and the comfort it is extreme.

TED AND MUFFY: (Formerly DUO BOOTS) You have many options and the best thing is that you choose the width of the rod by centimeters (reaches 50). It is a website with a user-friendly design and making the fact of ‘take a walk to look at boots’ in a ‘I need all the boots’. And best of all, free shipping.

Evan Completo: My advice with Evan’s is that you look the reviews/opinions of the buyers. This summer I bought a pair of sandals and had to ask 2 less numbers and I have (all thanks to a girl who said that they were giant), so it is advisable to read and ask.

Milan: shoe store in Barcelona. The deal is impeccable, to buy you have to call and follow the steps that you indicated in your website. You will attend a specialist who will advise you of the possibilities you have depending on the width of shank/size of the foot. The price is from €159.

New Look: are my favorite, but the sizing is not as specific as the previous ones. You have a table of measures right next to the tab to choose the size. If you want risk I advise to be with some elastic boots, I have a powerful gemelaco, and last year tried me with very elastic in New Look and I had 10.

Shoes Railway: we discovered it thanks to your contribution, and we know that like many thing go to the store to test you. If you are in Madrid you’re in luck, if you are not also, we can buy on the internet and will help us thrilled.

Simply Be: Although they have the European website under construction, we can go making us the idea and saving to buy that pair of boots that we will save winter. They usually have some milk designs, modern and with different shank sizes.

La Redoute: they have less variety for wide shank but we can find real tesoritos. These 3 models reach about 48cm wide.

Yoursclothing: typical season boots, quality is not to throw rockets but you can go changing every year unless it hurts you. Take advantage of discounts, they will be pulled from price.

VINTAGEINCONFIDENTIAL: here you can find different vintage style shoes, including boots, heels, pumps, etc.

I will be eternally grateful if you leave your opinions and advice to buy boots wide. I think that it is an issue where if we bring information together, you can get a good guide of boots plus size.