What Is The Perfect Bra To Make Sport?

Doctors say that with the use of a suitable garment tension is decreased in the ligaments of Cooper

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According to a study from HARTSELLECLOTHING, 75 percent of women who practice regular exercise do not use a special bra. The conclusions include that 80 per cent of the interviewed doctors are agree that with the use of abra suitable sports decreases the stress on the ligaments of Cooper,which once damage is irreparable.

For women, the area of the chest it is one of the most sensitive body parts and requires special attention when it comes to sport. We give many turns to his physical appearance, but very few times we stopped to consider its internal structure and the care you need at the level of health. Breast skin is extremely thin, has very few sebaceous glands and lacks of muscles and ligaments that hold it. The chest sits on the pectorals major, but is subject, only by the natural support of the skin that goes from the Chin to the breasts.

When we do sport, breasts are subjected to more movement, jumping, racing or sudden movements that produce oscillations and displacement. For this reason we must wear a good bra sports, able to absorb and hold the chest in place, avoiding strain or exertion of the skin and ligaments that hold and cover the breasts.

One of the factors to consider when deciding what type of BRA need is also the type of exercise that is going to practice because not all sports have the same impact, those which involve jumping or sudden movements should be considered high impact. For example, yoga, or the passive gymnastic exercises require less scrutiny than for bicycling, walking at high rate or doing mountaineering; For more intense sports as tennis, soccer or jogging, the fastener should be firmer, and you must pay special attention to sports of great impact, such as running, horseback riding, or boxing.

Running, warns Dr. Elisa Fernández, is a sport that brings great benefits to the body although chest suffers a major impact. In this sense, “a bra without rings, should be used preferably seamless Cup, rather wide rod, especially in women with medium and large breast volume. In addition, the tissue that forms the outline must be wide to avoid that with the weight of the breasts and the movement, not move toward the shoulders”, States Dr. Fernández.

A factor that is very important to consider is the size of the breast. There are Sports Bras that protect compression, by simply pressing the chest against the body, suitable for small and medium sized breasts; While there are others that surround them, separate and fastened loosely, which protect by gathering, more appropriate for larger breasts. A study by the University of Portmouth, in United Kingdom, shows that doing sport chest has three forms of movement according to the exercise taking place and, also, the size of the breasts, oscillatory movements of up down, side and which also happen in a third plane, inside out.

In this sense, fasteners for gathering are most suitable, now that they stop movement in all three planes.Another very useful option, suggests Dr. Elisa Fernández, is to use the NightBra under any bra bra to reinforce the action of the first since he gets keep straight back, so it forces to tighten pectorals; Moreover, by using two fasteners, the weight of the breasts is partitioned in four tie rods by what shoulders suffer less.

Bra must be made in a fiber that allows a good perspiration. In this sense, Dr. Elisa Fernández proposed to use the NightBra fastener to prevent moms together is in the intermamario Groove, the well known area of the cleavage, so sweating in this zone does not affect the skin.

Although exercise is an activity perfect for keep a breast nice and healthy, it is important to know the form and the structure of the breast as well as the type of sport to choose a suitable fastener. For sports of high impact as the running, horseback riding, or boxing, a second fastener as NightBra is the “perfect” complement to accompany a sports bra and maintain, so the breast firmer and healthier.