What is the Best Sleepwear

Nightgowns today are in such a variety of models that can have several of them – for every case. What are the types of nightshirts and how to choose the right one, try to find this article.


The first thing to decide on the appointment of women nightgown:

  • On each day. For daily sleep must choose a model with natural materials, comfortable. It is desirable that there was no rubber and less than lace parts, which could push the ugly side of the skin.
  • For special occasions. There is a discount, you do not have to sleep in these clothes 8:00 every day,

What is the Best Sleepwear

  • because the requirements for fabric, color and style are more loyal. Feel free to choose what is good and liked the village!
  • In voyage. For trips can be a special home kit or nightgown. This is the case if you want to spend the night on the train or at a conference in another city, where they will spend the night in a room with another officer. Choose a calm, restrained model neutral pastel tones. At the same tissues should prefer viscose, cotton or linen.


  • Short. The most alluring and colorful style gown. Finally they usually only covers the groin. Often made ​​of transparent fabrics with lace, ruffles, ribbons, bows and other decorative elements. There may be a yoke-gum under the breasts or soft cup bust. Short nightgown belt – great for hot seasons. Otherwise, it is more suitable for special occasions, a romantic date or surprise her husband of 14 February.
  • Medium. The optimal model for each day for women of all ages and komplektsiy. This will not create discomfort increases during sleep (as this is short). The length of the female night shirts ranging from mid-thigh to the middle of the knee. Very original look combined model extended behind. This invention of recent years makes it possible to follow fashion, even in pet clothes.
  • Long. The Maxi – does not mean boring. For many men sleepwear tops made ​​from simple materials can really look a little conservative. However, in satin or lace options issued blatant elegance. This is the feminine form of night shirts they designed for this lady! Length – from the middle of the calf and ankle.

Each of the above models as occurring with thin spaghetti straps and sleeves of varying lengths. Select necessary depending on the destination, home temperature conditions and seasons.


The most popular night shirts for women are: cotton, linen, rayon, satin, silk.
Cotton or linen shirts are the most recommended for sleep. Natural fabrics perfect control sweating, provide good air permeability without creating a “greenhouse effect” and keep high temperatures comfortable for the body. There are shops, alas, not so often. A beautiful nightgowns made ​​of natural fabrics – usually rare (silk – one exception).

A common pattern with viscose. This is also a good option because they usually viscous consists of spandex without making shirt holds down movements in sleep. Material well-washed, but unfortunately, viscose model, even when new, do not look luxurious and elegant.

Incredibly models of silk and satin. These two fabric texture due, even in simple style look elegant and beautiful.
Silk nightgown differs significantly from the price of previous models, but the price is paid in full quality.