What Is The Best Backpack For Traveling?

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When I decided to migrate, in early 2010, I had no fixed destination, so I thought I would go with a backpack, laptop and little clothes.

He had a Ferrino trails that accompanied me for ten years more of an adventure, but also had the-acertada- suspicion that this time would need something else.

You see, conventional backpacks have a fundamental feature that makes them uncomfortable to travel: you have to stack things vertically and that makes the packaging / unpacking process really tedious. Also, I do not know you, but to me the shape of the backpack keeps me from keeping pants or other cotton items without getting wrinkled.

It also happens that many backpacks do not conform to the stupid rules of the airlines.Suddenly you have a narrow backpack, which is perfect for balance, but it is very long and you can not mount it on the plane although volumetrically it is smaller than 55.5 x 35.5 x 23cm. More than once I have been forced to send my backpack in the hold and I have spent the whole flight thinking that I can steal something. Ah, because that is another characteristic of conventional backpacks: few have the option to put a padlock. Usually, if you want to insure them, you have to wear one of these protective nets that are tedious to put on and take off.

So before I left-and in time just to be dispatched to Venezuela-I made a list General Criteria for a Migratory Backpack:

Zipper that allows padlocks.

At least two separate compartments.

Dimensions in accordance with the international standard of hand luggage.

Between 40 and 60 liters capacity.

Padded strips.

Lightweight materials.

With this list I went to search in forums and online stores and this was how I discovered the world of MLC ( Maximum Legal Carry-on ): luggage designed to maximize storage space without exceeding the restrictions of The airlines.

And finally I got to Aeronaut, by Tom Bihn.

Dimensions And Capacity

MLC means just that. The dimensions are exactly the maximum allowed by most airlines: 55.5 x 35.5 x 23cm (22 “x 14” x 9 “in imperial).

The actual capacity is 42 liters and frankly I was worried it was not enough. The Ferrino was a backpack of 60 liters and always left things out. Then I discovered that the internal distribution of the backpack had a crucial influence on how you pack things up. Obviously not?

Instead of a “tube” in which you push the clothes, the MLC backpacks have a central compartment that more or less evokes a conventional suitcase: a square space where you can put what you want. Specifically, the Aeronaut is divided into a large compartment and two smaller compartments for toiletries, shoes, underwear or dirty clothes.

You can help keep things separate with some packaging cubes, whether those of Tom Bihnor cheaper ones .

However, it seems to me that they are not entirely necessary. In addition, the Aeronaut comes with strips inside to fix the clothes in the central compartment. Using these strips I have achieved a number of miracles, including packing a dress jacket in a backpack without wrinkling it, using this technique.

In addition, the Aeronaut has two side pockets, one closed and one open, perfect for storing travel documents and pass quickly for safety.

Weight And Other Details

Considering its strength and capacity, the Aeronaut is really lightweight: 1.22 kilos. I have used school backpacks that weigh more than that. It is the benefit of high quality materials. Many manufacturers save cost by creating backpacks that weigh 4 and 5 kilos and that makes it impossible for you to pass a weight test for a low cost airline.

But of course, in the end what convinced me and what still keeps me faithful are the details: the inner lining of nylon, the pocket to hide the straps of the back and use it as a bag, the handles at both ends to lift it from a Secure it or pull it when you place it in the upper compartment and the YKK zippers with rubber protectors to prevent water from entering. This backpack, which is definitely not a hiking backpack, kept the clothes dry after an hour in the rain during the monsoon season in Malaysia. Something that any cheap backpack could not have achieved.

By the way, the Aeronaut is not economical. It costs $ 250 or more, depending on the options. So worth it only if you plan to take advantage of it. In my case, I consider that it was paid during the first year in convenience, clothes without creasing and hours saved at airports.

You can buy the Aeronaut here.

Since 2010, we have been flying together a little over 30 times, walked hundreds of miles and driven thousands. We even slept in the same bed in a dump hostel where I was afraid to leave my belongings on the floor. With each trip I am surprised a little more.

Other Options

Along the way, I exchanged impressions with owners of the High Sierra Carry On (on wheels) and the Air Boss . Both are expensive and their owners are just as fanatical as I am.

The Most Economical

If you are looking for a cheaper option, I have read good things about the Metz Cabin Max , a lot of capacity and an unbeatable price. Metz also manufactures a backpack for travel with Easyjet and other low-cost airlines based on Recipesinthebox.com:

… and eBags eTech Weekender.

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