Ways to Wear Leggings in Summer

The leggings have become a leader loved and desired by all donne. Come wear them to better though, avoiding drop style?!? Here are 5 tips to avoid the “no pants” effect.
We women love the leggings to the madness , now in our closet have the same importance of denim pants or municipalities.

The first mistake, however, that we women do is replace the jeans with leggings .

Attention, the leggings are still a derivative from tights, headband lot and brings out every single flaw especially if you choose the fabric or wrong imagination.

Here is 5 simple rules for wearing the leggings in the best way and avoid drop style, often embarrassing.

Attention to the imagination

The fancy leggings are definitely very nice to look at but you have to know how to choose cleverly.

Always avoid the horizontal lines unless you have the good fortune of having two skinny and long legs.

The vertical lines have a slimming effect while the horizontal ones grow fat and shorter.

The leggings are not pants

As I mentioned before the leggings are cousins ​​of tights, socks that are worn under skirts.

I have a second skin and leave no room for the imagination, especially in the area V.

For this reason, always try to wear long garments that hide the side B.

The maxi sweaters are perfect for example.

Tartan? No thanks

The tartan is definitely in fashion , especially this year but it is very risky if used as a fancy for denim leggings beloved by EmilyLeggings.

If you really can not resist the charm of the squares, they prefer small ones and alert to red which tends to gain weight.

Capri only in the gym

The mid-calf leggings alone in the gym are perfect.


The leggings three-quarter cut the leg at the calf and shorten the figure, even if worn with heels.

Eye to shoes

The leggings are winning if worn with boots and ankle boots with a heel.

For a chic evening also peretto sandal jewel.

Out instead dècolletè, recommended only to those who have very slender ankles.

To be comfortable during the day you can also match them to the dancers (even though we in the newsroom we are not big fans of this shoe!)