Waterproof Handbag

Who is like walking in wind and weather on the North or Baltic Sea knows the problem that likes a neat showers therefore comes – even in the summer. Unfortunately I cannot always get sure dry stored my stuff into the pockets of the jacket. That’s why I’m looking for two years after a small shoulder handbag, in which things can be stored in waterproof and which does not rub off when it rains on my jacket. I have quite leather bags, which can quite well off rain, but you rub off then unfortunately on the jacket. I was amazed how hard was to solve this problem.

After an authentic camel active (not just not very nice, but unfortunately the first shower pitschenassdurch up on the securities… is already disposed) and a trip to the Hanseatic quarter to BREE (model punch 98 comes into question, and is too heavy and too much labeled for the price me with 1 kg weight) have I online then at Pearl via automotiveqna finally the matching bag by Somikon found.


It’s actually an iPad case for the beach. Push buttons, roll-up and velcro closure should hold the water. I usually do a giant bow to Velcro fasteners because they have ruined many towels and sweaters with pull strings for me, but here I make an exception, otherwise I probably never find a bag for the occasion. For a few grams weight all functions – more is not. Since my Bag-in-box comes into it and let’s go. Because the buttons on the bag are yellow, they are my contribution to the action of #Buntes2014 in August.

The value for money could not be better with EUR 8,85 incl. shipping and the bag has a further advantage: no viewer will keep them on the beach for a seriously good intentioned handbag, but for what it is – a function bag.

That the bag at the Amazon reviews only as splash-proof will be judged, don’t bother me because I wants to go diving with it, and sharp objects come in also. Last week have tried the bag as a beach bag and all things sand again come home. Also a good aspect on the beach! While strolling I found but even a “correct” bag, which is water proof (but not suitable for sand). I will introduce soon you.

On the photos you can see my Green outfit with a relaxed de heritage ERG dress from the Blogger project summer style with other shoes and bare legs. The Birkenstock Gizeh in green for the walk to the beach and the walk are perfectly afterwards, properly before removing the sand off your feet.

Because Beach was so beautiful and also a tepid breeze blew, I’ll show you yet our new small pocket dragons. He has packed the size of a small candy box. A nice holiday gift for a dear person.

The topic of week CW 31 in the #fotoprojekt on Twitter was down. Here you can see my photo for the action and including the same Cairn from a different perspective. Funky effect, or?

How to solve this problem of bags for you? Or don’t you get that?