Watch Auction Geneva 2015: Christie’s Important watches

Left: The Patek Philippe (REF. 2499/100) of 1950 could come for 430,000 to 840,000 US dollars under the hammer. Right: The Rolex GMT (REF. 6542) 1958; Estimated value: 74,000 to 150,000 US dollars.

On May 11, 2015, it launches the spectacular “important watches” at Christie in Geneva-auction. Watch enthusiasts are excited, because this year many record is expected…

Last year the Christie’s watch auction in Geneva was astonished even experts: all auctioned watches were considerable 42 copies for at least a million US dollars on the table according to HOMETHODOLOGY. The expectations for this year are correspondingly high. And one can anticipate are: record prices might achieve even by 2015 the Geneva “important watches’ auction.

Watch Auction Geneva 2015: Christie’s Important Watches

Buyers and watch fans from around 40 countries will specially travel to the auction. Under the hammer, 314 watches, including rare vintage models, contemporary masterpieces, and fancy special editions come in this year.

To Auction Valuable Patek Philippe

Belongs to the most valuable watches of Geneva ‘Important Watches’ auction a rare Platinum model of Swiss luxury manufacturer Patek Philippe (REF. 5002 – Skymoon). The estimated value is between 690.000 and $ 1.4 million. The precious watch was manufactured between 2001 and 2011 and ihrerzeit to ten copies per year was limited. (see photo above)

So Far Unknown Model: REF. 3700/031

And this is still a Patek Philippe, to change their owner in Geneva. It is certainly something very special – and in fact considered to be the only one of its kind (REF. 3700/031). It is 1988, clearly a child of its time in the design. Not the smallest screw her has changed since then: this exceptional piece has never been restored and has been worn only a few times. The clock was so far unknown according to Christie’s. Their estimated value is applied to 220,000 up to 420,000 U.S. dollars. (see photo above)

Rolex from the 1950s at Christie’s Auction of Important Watches

No clock auction without Rolex! We like the Rolex GMT (REF. 6542) built in 1958 especially well. Their striking color gradient has evolved only during the last few years – and today looks like a very cool Styleansage. Estimated value: 74,000 to 150,000 US dollars. (see photo above)

Date: The clock auction Christie’s important watches Geneva runs on 11 may 2015 in Geneva, Switzerland.