Warm and Soft Sweaters

Here we go, here we go! I rejoice at the thought: Christmas is close! Now they are in Milan for business reasons as you may know, and for this reason I feel closer the Christmas spirit because of snow. In my city, Naples, rarely snow comes to visit us, and so now instead I found myself in the midst of an announcer snowfall of Christmas I almost excited. Almost I did not feel the cold-cold-polar Musthavesweater.com as I tried to hit with a snowball. Among other things, the day of the Immaculate here in Milan were held of markets selling jewelry and handicrafts, a very distinctive and interesting event, especially for me which as you know I’m a lover of the genre.But back to us, let’s talk about what is important to know this time of year: shelter from the cold and always be fashionable.


I assume that I hate to see girls who go around blatantly pretending not to be cold, even wearing socks reading, sweaters or skimpy shirts and coats screwed. I DO NOT BELIEVE. you may have no cold! I spend my days watching fearless girls defying subzero temperatures. I object! But what you have against the warm sweaters, soft, colorful and perfect Christmas theme?

Apart from the fact that I could never be at a lower body temperature to 20 °, then actually I like very much the Christmas-themed sweaters, red ones with the reindeer.

I admit that I look for a sweater with new festive fantasies every year you can wear on Christmas Eve, it is a kind of ritual for me, a tradition, something which I could not do without.

This year I spotted such as the beautiful sweaters with these decorations to ASOS at quite attractive prices, or cute socks from Zadar.


Another thing I really like to do is create the outfits that have a touch of Christmas “hidden” inside them. A touch of red for example is ideal. Just like the outfit he wore Irene in this articlehere on Bigo.

But I invite you to try even the red stockings under blacks dresses, beige extra large sweaters or even under trousers so that the movement of the walk showing through the “touch red-chic” Christmas.

Are always imaginative in creating my outfits, now you’ll know for sure, but maybe this time of year, perhaps driven by childhood memories, I let myself take the creativity more than ever… and I hope that you do too!