Vintage: Learn to Ride

The name “vintage” denotes the style that used between 1920 and 1960, when the fashion of the United States was the most popular, and defined the lifestyle of the golden years.

Vintage style never goes out of style, and to assemble your own look is just to observe some items.

The hair says a lot in visual, use Chanel short cut with bangs or wavy hairstyles with fixative. In colors, choose the platinum blonde, the bluish black and Auburn.

The necklace of turns, the mittens, the range and short bags with chain strap, are accessories that define the look in time to mount it according to homosociety.


  1. Start with the makeup, applying the base. Choose a shade lighter than your skin tone.Pass lime in the darkest areas of the face, such as dark circles and blemishes.Apply compact powder with a big soft brush. Choose the color of powder equal to that of the base.Give emphasis on the eyebrows, with pencil. Do not use the black, prefer the Brown and gray tones.

    Pass eyeliner on the eyelids, pulling in kitten style. You can use the black.

    Apply mascara and use the eyelash curler, that instrument of bend the eyelashes.

    Finish with red lipstick. Choose a creamy lipstick, no shimmering tones.

  2. Choose shoes on the right style: bicolor pumps won’t let anyone miss the look.Other shoe in this style is the Pilgrim pumps, of bico and jumping square, with buckle and lacquered finish, released in years 60.Also use the pointy shoes with heels and sneakers dug with lace, are the face of this look.Try the Bobbysoxer style, College fashion of the 40, with shoes and socks, socket for a more sporty.
  3. Use a dress in authentic vintage style, with acinturado body design and flared skirt. Can use petticoats underneath for volume. This piece needs to be commissioned to a seamstress, or purchased in thrift stores.Use satin fabric gloves, cotton or lace. They are found in online stores or thrift shops.Put a bolero over dress (that very short Cardigan that doesn’t close), and complete with fabric flower on the lapel.These accessories will give all the additional charm to the look.
  4. Get sunglasses with kitten, they are easily found in stores.Choose animal-print frames, as Leopard and turtle.The tonality of the lenses must be of brown to green, avoid the black, which is a color of current fashion.Are you ready to make your vintage look!